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Google PageRank Updated!

Yes it’s true, Google Updated their PageRanks today and I am happy to say that This Lil Piglet went from a PagRank of 2 to a 3 out of 10.  No, this is not a huge change visually but if you know anything about Google PageRank, you know this is actually quite huge.  First of all, having a PageRank of higher than a 3 is harder to achieve than you think.  Not only are you competing with everyone in your niche, you are being judged on your SEO skills.  Part of what I do as a review and giveaway blogger is  build working relationships with companies or brands.  One of the main statistical ratings that these companies or brands specifically ask for or consider when deciding to work with a blogger is their Google PageRank.  Many larger companies or brands will not work bloggers with a PageRank of less than a 3.  This does not mean your blog is not of value, in fact in my opinion there are a lot more factors that should be considered than  a blogs GPR number alone.  This is not comforting to bloggers with a GPR of less than 3 but we are all confined to work with these rankings in order to move ahead.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not the only way; this is simply one of the main “better your blog” suggestions.


There are a few main factors when Google Ranks your blog (GPR):

  1. Does your blog have unique original content? This means that the content you are posting on your blog isn’t posted anywhere else on the web.  Repeated articles or posts are one of the reasons Google will punish your GPR.
  2. Do you articles include images? Without mentioning GPR, relevant images are super important on reader engagement alone.  Just think about it; if you are surfing the net and ten articles appear on the topic of choice but only 3 of those have interesting images on that search page, which are you most likely to click on? The ones with the pictures most likely.  I specifically search images only on Google and click through based on what comes up and I won’t even get into Pinterest or StumbleUpon to add fuel to the fire here. 😉  Google bots additionally check for images, if none are found, your GPR considers your site of less worth.  If some are found but they do not have alt tags (description tags, captions are not the same thing), it is said that your GPR is more likely to be decreased.  There are people on the fence about this one but ultimately, it does not hurt your GPR to have suitable alt tags on your images; if anything, it may improve your GPR.
  3. Have you taken the time to add SEO to your blog?  Search Engine Optimizing your blog is a must to rank higher not just for GPR but with all rankings that really “matter”.  What Google bots look for when they scan your blog isn’t just the things mentioned here, it’s looking for keyword or phrase usage and meta tags.  Do you manually do this or do you use a plugin like Yoast to help you?  Repeated keywords aren’t always a good thing, too many any you may be punished as well.  Do your research on proper techniques of SEO and make it a point to use those skills in every blog post you push out.
  4. Do you have paid links, posts or advertisements on your blog?  If so, have you made all of these links no-follow?  This is a big one and is a huge violation when it comes to Google TOS/Guidelines.  If your GPR is still at a N/A or zero and you are selling link space on your blog, this could be the reason.  If you do not have no-follow tags on your blog and are still receiving a decent GPR, you simply haven’t been caught yet and I suggest, as many other bloggers do, you get with the program before you lose your rank altogether and are forced to work extra hard at getting it back.  This does not mean you cannot sell advertising space or have paid links, this means that if you have been paid for such and it’s on your blog, you are required to include the no-follow tag to each of those links.  Failure to do so is a violation of Google TOS and anyone who notices this on your blog can report you.  If this happens or the Google bots figure you out, you will lose your GPR you worked so hard to achieve.  Yes, a lot of advertisers will not pay you for a link placement without a do-follow link and as tempting as the money might be now, in my opinion, it’s not worth taking the chance.  Crissy from DearCrissy wrote a great article on GPR and no-follow tags importance.
How do you add a no-follow tag?
If you have never done it before and want to add no-follow all tags and you are on WordPress, you can install the nof0llower plugin by de77 by searching under “Add New” plugin.  This plugin will allow you to add no-follow tags by category verses individually and is the easiest way to do a lot at once.   This plugin will not add no-follow tags to any links that are not in these categories, for example your sidebar widget ads or text links, so you will have to manually go in to each of these and add the no-follow tag.  Thanks to a fellow blogger friend of mine for a heads up on this plugin.
There are other factors GPR takes into account that I won’t get into here but these are some of the most important.  Back in June I posted an article called Move Over Google Bring on MozRank; it seems I wasn’t the only complainer about the lack of updates in the GPR system and voila, a year between updates went to just over 4 months.  Not bad!  There are also some great links in that article where you can learn about your other statistics, the This Lil Piglet blogs updated MozRank is 5.03 for instance.  If you haven’t checked your newly updated GPR go to the Google PageRank Checker page to do so now.
Psst…anything that isn’t a paid link can be do-follow; in fact is recommended to have a healthy balance between do-follow and no-follow links.



21 comments on “Google PageRank Updated!”

  1. Congratulations! Thank-you for the chance to enter this giveaway. I hope that you will take a moment to stop by and say hello @
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday season!

  2. Ty – I had no idea they updated the pagerank – I used to have a 3 then went to zero. Haven’t checked in awhile, now I just checked and back up to 3! Whoot!

  3. Congrats Stacey!!!
    Mine still PR 1. 🙁

  4. I hadn’t heard of no-follow tags – thank you so much for enlightening me!

    Btw, I stumbled this!

  5. Thanks for posting this, i found you through the stop and stumble blog hop and you inspired me to check my new page rank which also went up from a 2 to a 3!

  6. This is great advice and I have been wondering how to do this. I have stumbled this post. Vicky from Mess For Less

  7. New here, just stumbled (liked you on stumble) and followed! 🙂

  8. I haven’t checked my Google rank in awhile. I don’t know if I want to feel lousy today, but have a question. If you run blog hops or a certain themed post every week, are you going to get punished? It seems that Google rank and traffic strategies can be at odds sometimes.

    • In a sense yes because of duplicate content but sometimes it is unavoidable (under circumstances such as what you’re describing) and to be honest, I haven’t really seen a huge difference in my GPR when I didn’t do weekly hops to now when I do. In fact my GPR is the best it’s been. Google takes so many factors into account when ranking your site, sometimes it’s hard to keep up but if you keep with the main tips of this article, along with a few other SEO tips, you will continue to climb the ranks and your Google Punishment won’t make too much of a difference either way.

      • Thanks Stacey. I was thinking that by changing the titles on the hops, you could technically have different content…not sure? Off to check out the ranking sources in your article. I hope they are better than site value;)

      • Absolutely, change the wording in the title and content and it’s new to Google…it is a bot after-all. 😉 Actually short of the regular hops I’ve already scheduled (and if I have time to reword these I will), this subject has changed quite a few ways that I used to handle things on my blog. It’s always a work in progress though. I hope those sites, help you; I found them helpful.

      • Those sites are really helpful! I do have a big discrepancy on my ranking though– 1 on page rank checker and 4 from moz on Website Grader and Open Site Explorer. I’m pretty new, so it’s hard to believe the 4, but I will certainly take it! You think moz wants to out do Google, and make everyone feel better and like them more?
        I can get so wrapped up in all of this stuff;) Thanks again!

  9. congrats on the page rank Jump! That is exciting! I just went from a 0 to a 2! (just purchased a domain and switched my blog to my own personal domain and get it up and running 3 months ago). You have some amazing tips here, you did a great job!

    –your VB friend
    JadeLouise Designs

  10. Wow! So helpful and interesting. I didn’t know about any of this. Thanks for the helpful info.

  11. Congrats on your accomplishment! You are happy I know. (Never heard of page ranks)
    Jill from voiceboks

  12. Mine just went from a 2 to a 3 also! I was excited.

  13. Stacey, I just did a post referring back to you here and your previous article. I also started a Tech Support Now link up, and would like to invite you to link up any of your posts:)

    • Thanks Courtney, I really appreciate it. I will pop by to link up. I also have some other techy articles in the schedule but I’m still trying to find the time to finish them up. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂 Thanks again!

  14. Just stumbled upon your blog and you have some amazing information for newer bloggers like myself who are trying to navigate this crazy blogging experience! Thanks for all of the incredible information I just need to find the time to sit and put it all into action.

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