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Happy Halloween from my 4 Ghouls

I would’ve wished all of you a Happy Halloween yesterday if it wasn’t for total chaos in this household.  I have better pictures than this but none with Baby Girl and not one that I just have to laugh at.  Can we say miserable?! No she wasn’t scared of the other kids costumes, she wanted that Lamb costume off soooo bad!  Overall she was pretty good most of the day about it but she didn’t get her nap so by bedtime she was pretty out of control.  The rest from left to right: Miss Priss – dressed as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Squeakers – dressed as a Poisoned Snow White (she ate the poison apple) and Hollywood – dressed as a mummy (really he just threw this together last minute).  Hollywood all along said he wasn’t dressing up, he’s “too old” and it’s oh so “un-cool” so I didn’t bother with a costume.  Last minute yesterday he tells me him and his friends are dressing up and going trick-or-treating and could I please get him a costume.  “You’ve got to be kidding me…boy!”  All I had time for was to grab a mask, lucky for him he had an old t-shirt he could rip up.

Beyond the sugar high and crash causing me to cut the kids off their candy for the day, Halloween went pretty well.  The great-grandparents look forward to seeing the kids in their costumes each year.  How was your Halloween? Hectic, smooth, fun?

Happy belated Halloween!

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