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PlasmaCar Toy Sponsor Spotlight


Each year I find it hard to come up with Christmas gifts ideas that are entertaining and exciting for the kids to play with.  With technology taking over in all aspects of life, toys included, it’s hard to find a toy that gets back to the basics of play.  I find my kids tend to lean more electronics, I’m an electronic lover myself, but there is a time and place for the fun of just being a kid.  The PlasmaCar is one of these toys that any kid, or adult for that matter, can do just that.


When I pulled the PlasmaCar out of the box, my kids realized that they had already heard about this toy; the daycare they used to go to on their dads time had a few of them.  Having the 2 older girls tell me all about the PlasmaCar and the fun you could have with it, I didn’t really have to do a lot of reading up on the details; they even put it together for me within a couple of minutes while I supervised.  They did miss putting on the black cover for the silver steering wheel rod in this picture with my 9 yr old daughter, Squeakers, so I had to take it apart to place the cover in position but overall it was very easy and quick to put together.  

Quickly my 9 & 10 year old girls were ripping around the house with this foot powered car.  Unfortunately they began to fight over who’s turn it was forcing me to take it away for a time.  I took the opportunity to take a spin on this cute red car which was so much fun.  Kicking up speed by foot power and using the steering wheel to move the car back and forth, turn corners and spin around with my feet on the foot pads, the PlasmaCar requires only that you turn the steering wheel to build up speed to a maximum of 10 km/hour (6 mph).  Luckily we have hardwood floors making it was easy to get up speed and before long I was giggling ripping around just like the girls, although at this point they were mad that I took their car.  With the well-made PlasmaCar having a weight limit of 220 lbs, even the adults can get in on the fun.


For safety reasons the PlasmaCar is not recommended for kids under the age of 3; I had a time trying to keep my toddler off the car but my eldest, too cool for school, 12 yr old even took a spin.  Moments like these I cherish because it’s not often that my 12 yr old plays like a little boy anymore.  The PlasmaCar was a complete hit with my kids and myself; at an affordable $70 retail, you could easily get one for Christmas that the whole family can enjoy, that is if you don’t mind sharing such a fun toy. 😉


For more information and updates, please show your support by visiting the PlasmaCar Facebook Fan Page and follow them on Twitter.


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  1. This car looks COOL!! And you’re right, trying to help the kids come up with ideas that work for them and have some value in my eyes is a challenge! Thanks for sharing.

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