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Minnie Mouse Tutu Tote Review

When we were planning our surprise trip to Disney World we wanted to make it extra special.  From the hotel to the plane ride, we had every detail of our trip organized.  I had pre-packed each one of our 4 kids suitcases with enough clothing, night time routine necessities and a bag full of activities and toys to keep them entertained.

When I had the chance to review these adorable personalized Minnie Mouse tutu totes by 2hartscreations Etsy shop, I knew they would be the perfect accessory for my girls to carry  their airplane ride activities.  I packed each with a reading book, an activity book, pencils, a little purse full of miniature toys and some snacks that would keep my girls busy  for our long travel time.  These cute tutu bags were the perfect travel size, not bulky or hard to stow during take off or arrival.

These canvas totes are 13.5″ L X 13.5″ W and come in the perfect coordinating colors for each theme.  I was surprised at the generous amount of tulle used in the “skirt” of the tote, the tulle had a very full effect.  Embellished with coordinating ribbons in red and sequence and the cutest Minnie Mouse bow finished off with a Minnie Mouse button.  You can purchase these plain or personalized in embroidery with a name, monogram or saying.  I chose to have my girls first names with their first initial Monogrammed and their name embroidered across the letter.  I have blocked them out with a flower for the purpose of privacy.

Is your little one is a ballet dancer?  Embroider a personalized tote with Ballet Slippers.  2hartscreations personalized any tutu tote that you can dream up, she has Bride to Be totes but you could personalize all your bridesmaids gifts. My girls were extremely excited to see these Minnie Mouse tutu totes personalized just for them, especially for such a special family trip.  If you’re looking for the perfect unique gift or an added accessory perfect for a special occasion or everyday use, at only $28, these would make the perfect gift.

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  1. How adorable and creative. I know the girls loved them. I can’t wait to check them out Merry Christmas.

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