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Smile! Diaper Cream Makes Teeth Sooo Shiny

This little monkey was so perfectly quiet this morning; I thought wow, she’s being so good, I might actually be able to get something done today.  Then I clued in.  There’s only one reason a little girl of this size is so perfectly quiet; she’s into something she shouldn’t be.  She hadn’t been quiet for no longer than maybe a couple of minutes but that is enough when she has a mind of her own.  I quickly took off to see what she was up to and came upon a smiling gal, just like this one but with something white around her mouth and spattered on her shirt, her hands folded across her belly so sweetly.  Look at that face, how could I be stern?  I should have grabbed the camera before I cleaned her up but you can still see the white smudges on her shirt in the picture above.  This little stinker managed to get into the bathroom and decided it would be a good idea to brush her teeth with Hubs electric toothbrush and diaper rash cream.


First of all, she didn’t really swallow any but she did have it smeared all over her front teeth and a big streak out the side up her cheek where she yanked out the toothbrush when she heard me coming no doubt; she was already outside the bathroom when I made it to her.  I opened the door to the bathroom and found Hubs toothbrush in the sink with gobs of diaper cream coating the bristles and wand and smeared on the wall like she had tried to grab the hand towel to clean up her mess.  I found the little travel size diaper cream that she had been using, found from god knows where, the lid placed securely on and on the ledge beside the sink; this is how I put the two together.  At first I thought she just had toothpaste but it was completely white and looked like cream not toothpaste and the complete giveaway was the pretty smell coming from her mouth when I kissed her.  Shhhh, don’t tell Hubs!


See her shiny teeth, maybe diaper cream works pretty well for cleaning teeth after-all.  Do you have any stories of your little ones in trouble with diaper cream?


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