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5 comments on “What a Fruitcake!”

  1. ha ha ha it is so true though. Everybody brings a fruitcake as a hostess gift, but who really likes them?

    • Exactly; my Grandma gives me one every year and it always gets thrown out. I feel bad but nobody likes them and I would not want to hurt her feelings. What she does not know won’t hurt her….LOL

  2. Nobody likes fruit cakes. We all like cream cakes!

  3. hi ,i see the 25.00 giveaway ,but it ask for a password ,is this something new?please explain how this works and what it is. thank-you darlene

    • It’s a private giveaway. If you didn’t receive the password; it’s because it isn’t available to you. There are more cash giveaways coming soon that are open publicly though.

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