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Black White Diner Party Pinterest Style

Pretty me Pinterest: This weeks theme – Black and White in my choice of pictures for a dining party. It’s easy to join along, first follow me on Pinterest here: Follow Me on Pinterest then repin my pins. I hope you find Pinterest as addicting as I do. ๐Ÿ™‚



You’ll need an outfit to wear at your party: ย A sweet, not over-dressed, outfit that I love.



Greet your guests with a delicious vintage cameo cake pop, or two.


Source: via Stacey on Pinterest


Have your guests place their cell phones and keys in this gorgeous vintage bowl at your front door. After all, it’s considered bad table etiquette to text or accept calls at diner. ๐Ÿ˜‰



This black basket makes the perfect designer touch as a place setting for your guests. The white flower subtly beautiful.



Dine in style with black and white themed foods.



Once everyone is full on your feast, retire to your sitting room with just the right touches of black and white.



After diner tea with this contemporary black and white tea set.


Send your guests home with a sweet little parting gift of black and white macaroons.

3 comments on “Black White Diner Party Pinterest Style”

  1. Oh I love the clothes….

  2. I love that room with the white couch! Although I wouldn’t be brave enough to have one in my house because it would never stay white.

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