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DIY Marker Board Tutorial

Nice to virtually meet you! I’m Paige from Little Nostalgia, and I’m excited to be posting here on This Lil Piglet! Today I have a fun (and practical) project that you can whip up in no time to make your work space a little prettier.


As handy as marker boards are, I feel like they’re not very cute. They’re fine for classrooms and corporate office buildings, but it’s not really the look I’m going for in my house. So when Irealized I needed some kind of large to-do list (large so I pay attention to it), I decided to go the picture frame route.




Not only was this project easy and affordable, but it’s totally customizable and simple to make for somebody else as a gift. Plus it’s portable, so it can be used in multiple rooms if necessary.


Supply list:

–a picture frame that still has the glass
–scrapbook paper
–craft paint (if you need to cover an ugly frame)
–paintbrush (if you need the paint)


I scored my frame at Goodwill for $1.99. It was in great shape, and I really liked the romantic details in the corners. The only bummer was the fake brass finish.



Thankfully, I had some light gray paint leftover from another project, so it came to the rescue. Of course, if you already have a cute frame hangin’ around, you can skip this step.



Much better! Next I picked out some scrapbook paper to put behind the glass. I cut it down to size (this project is 8×10) and stuck it in the frame. You can use any color you want, but I went with a light neutral so my marker would be easier to read.



And you’re done! Just use a regular dry erase marker to write on the glass. I haven’t experienced any “shadow” letters sticking around after I erase, but if you do, a quick spritz of your regular household cleaner will fix that.


Happy crafting! Be sure to stop by the comments and let me know if you try this one.

6 comments on “DIY Marker Board Tutorial”

  1. Oh that is such a great idea! I bet I could make a really pretty one for our weekly menu plan

  2. I absolutely LOVE these. So inexpensive, and such an awesome idea! <3

  3. Oh I love this!! What a great idea! Gonna make one for me and hubby

  4. what a great idea to paint the frame, I would have passed it by because it was gold

  5. Wow! This is so cool! Funny, since I was looking online for ideas like this. I was going to buy chalkboard paint. I like this idea. Very affordable!

  6. What a really great idea! Love that it really suits a home and not a classroom!

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