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One OR Two Special Puppies #CBias #ILoveMyk9

Smile for the camera PorkChop

PorkChop is a very fortunate dog, he always has more than enough to eat, a warm place to sleep and most importantly endless love from our large family.   We always knew we wanted to add a Newfoundland puppy to our family; we did our research and found a breed that was well known for their gentle ways, a big ball of fur and slobber.  A pup who loves to roll around in the snow, even with the little we have had this year; if he can find a drift, he will be in it.


Good Day Humane Society

PorkChop clearly has enough to eat and although we tend to spoil him, we chose to spoil another puppy a little less fortunate.  We took a visit to the local Humane Society with my daughter and son, partly because they wanted to take a peek at all the animals but also because I felt it important at this time of the year to show the kids how many animals are without a loving family.  Upon entering the Humane Society the ladies welcomed us with the holiday spirit.

Meet Big Boy

The kids had heard about this cat that the Humane Society had taken on as it’s own mascot, named Big Boy.  I had to see for myself if this cat lived up to his name; can you believe how big this cat is?  He literally spills over the cat bed.  There was another cat behind but that one failed in comparison. Wow!

Drake needs a special owner

The staff of the Humane Society warned us before entering the dog pen area; “Be prepared for noise” she said.  That was an understatement; we could barely think with all the dogs jumping up on the fence and barking, all except a few.  One special puppy caught our eye; he seemed so quiet and sweet.  The kids fell in love with him instantly and I can’t deny I was smitten myself.  This special puppy was named Drake, a 3-4 year old Golden Retriever cross male dog surrendered.  The staff didn’t seem to know too much more about him.  If it weren’t for my husbands words, echoing in my head; I probably would have scooped him up then and there.  The problem with having two dogs for us living on the farm is that when you have more than one dog, they tend to wander.  We are confident Drake will find a new home with his perfect family.

Puppy, you're ready to go to a new home

Drake was chosen as our special recipient of the puppy gift basket filled with MilkBone® and Pup-Peroni dog treats and other various accessories the new owner of Drake will need.  We also decided to throw in a bin to store Drakes favorite dog food for convenience.  Our kids were very proud of the gift basket we put together but mainly for the opportunity to choose a sweet puppy like Drake to donate to and hopefully an added bonus to the new owner for adoption.


If you are looking to add a new member to your family, my kids and I encourage you to visit your local Humane Society; there are so many wonderful animals waiting  to find the perfect home.


For the rest of our shopping trip, and funnies, take a look through my Google+ Photo Album HERE


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This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, all opinions are my own. #CBias 


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  2. What an inspiring story! Here’s to hoping your sharing inspires others to support their local Humane Society shelters – so many needy pups and pets!

  3. I am such a dog lover. We have three. Porkchop is a great name 🙂 I wish more people would visit the animal shelters. There are so many wonderful animals needing homes

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