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Spruce up Your Email Signature Connect More

Have you ever wondered how to spruce up your emails with an interactive signature, a signature that is automatically inputed every time you compose an email?  If you are serious about your blog, the importance of listing your contact information and social media accounts are priceless.  Reaching out to potential working relationships is only a start.  Many times these potentials do not respond, not because they have no interest but because they haven’t a project in mind yet.  It’s simple; they may not know of you yet.  I am often contacted by brand representatives who have been “watching” me via Twitter, my blog, Facebook or other social media avenues without my knowledge with a request for a working relationship.  Strange to think about it this way but it’s actually quite interesting how many potential working relationships you could create this way.   For this reason alone including a list of ways you can be contacted are key to success.  

Many of us as bloggers have numerous ways we tap into social media, beyond the obvious Twitter and Facebook, your contact list can become quite lengthy.  One of my main tools of interaction is a free service called WiseStamp.  WiseStamp makes including your contact list of links in your email signature easy to do and you will be happy withe the results.  As you can see by the screenshot of my WiseStamp signature above, I can include any relevant signature type, my latest blog post or tweet and several ways to contact me without overtaking my entire email signature.  WiseStamp offers several templates or additional options you can add to your signature and you can create two separate signatures for personal and business that can be selected for each email composed.  WiseStamp works with most online email programs, like GMail and hotmail,  by simply adding the add-on to your browser toolbar.  Each time you compose an email in that browser your default signature will appear automatically. You can also change the signature via the add-on from your browser toolbar from the personal to business signatures, depending on the type of email you are sending.

If you are interested in creating an all-in-one professional signature for your blog emails, WiseStamp is a great option, the only signature option I use for my blog.

*WiseStamp has not paid me to write this post; I have not received any compensation to write this post.*

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  1. I love your email signature! Off to check out Wise Stamp now. Thanks for letting me know.

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