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30 Days of Play Pinterest Style #LegoDUPLO


30 Days of Play challengers, we’ve created a master #LegoDUPLO 30 days of play daily challenges picture board over at Pinterest HERE.  If you are taking part in this challenge (anyone with a Pinterest account pinning their daily challenge pics, does not have to be a Blogger…anyone fitting this description), comment below with your Pinterest profile name and I will add you to the board.  From there you will be able to add in your own 30 days of play #LegoDUPLO daily challenge pictures to the main board, making them available to repin by everyone following the challenge and/or the board.  We decided this would be the best way to keep this Pinterest Lego challenge organized.


Here are the rules for participating:

1.  Anyone can be added as long as they are taking part in the 30 Days of Play #LegoDUPLO challenge. (Bloggers or Readers it does not matter)

2.  Only add your daily challenge pictures; see the calendar HERE.  You can repin them from your own boards to the main board as long as they are daily challenge pictures. (This will be monitored and any pictures not following this criteria can/will be deleted).

3.  Try to pin as many participating challengers pictures on the main board.  This may become quite large nearing the end of the month so I suggest trying to pin as many as you can throughout the week.

4.  If you are going to add your own pictures, you must also repin others pictures off the main #LegoDUPLO Pinterest board (it’s only fair).  Try to do as many as you can but at least repin the 2 pictures before you and the 3 pictures after the pictures you add.


That’s it, happy pinning! 🙂

Our Google+ Album for the 30 days of play can be viewed HERE

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