This Lil Piglet

Cats in the Bath Humor

‘But You Said You Loved Me!’

‘You will pay, as God is my witness, you will pay.’

‘Holy crap, you call this water warm???’

‘I don’t think I like you anymore.’

‘You Lied !!!!!!’

‘E.T. Phone home……quick! ‘

‘No, I’m not
  your Good Little Kitty anymore.’

‘Traction… .I’m losing Traction!’

‘I want my Mommmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy !’

Oh Hell No !!!!

These cat humor pictures came to me in an email so I cannot credit the source but they are so funny I had to share.  If anyone knows where they came from, I’d be happy to credit the source.

3 comments on “Cats in the Bath Humor”

  1. Lol! This is so funny, made my kids laugh too.

  2. These cat pictures are too funny.

    Also, stopping by from Pitch it to me.

  3. Too funny…my side hurts

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