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Clip it With Clipix

I’m the type of person who uses the internet for almost everything.  I like coming up with original or unique ideas but usually they start out by something I’ve seen online somewhere when searching for ideas, whether it be planning for a family vacation or an upcoming dinner party.  Bookmarking sites works well when I’m only needing to keep a couple of ideas to reference later but once I get a few, I find they easily get lost in the clutter of my bookmarks folder.


I’m a visual person; images are often what grabs and keeps my attention. When I learned of clipix I knew this was perfect for organizing the ideas I found online for quick and easy access later when I needed them most.  Clipix is an online clipping service where you can easily clip pictures and organize them onto boards.  One of the interesting features Clipiz offers is the ability to share or sinc designated pre-organized boards with family or friends; this would be perfect for an event like planning a family reunion where more than one of you are doing the planning.


I was planning a special Valentine’s Day dinner for Hubs tonight and wanted a quick reference base to help me plan.  When I’m on a tight schedule, time is of the essence which is when I found out how easy to use Clipix was for something such as this.  I have to admit that I got a little carried away clipping pictures; I can see how this might become an obsession of mine. 🙂

Have you checked out Clipix yet?  What would you use Clipix for?

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