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DeWalt Drill Case Fondant Cake

I had not one but 4 birthdays in the family last week; fortunately I only had to make 2 birthday cakes.  I chose one flower themed marshmallow fondant cake for Miss Priss’ 11th brithday and this DeWalt drill case themed marshmallow fondant birthday cake for Hubs 35th.  Baby Girl really wanted to help; unfortunately the black food colouring ended up on the floor before I had a chance to put it away and both of our hands were dyed purple for a couple days. *sigh* Toddlers are fun to work around, aren’t they? 😉

Pardon the shiny “DeWalt”; I had smoothed it out with a little water which later dried.  Check out Marshmallow Fondant Recipe, if you are looking for an easy and great tasting fondant recipe.

7 comments on “DeWalt Drill Case Fondant Cake”

  1. Oh wow that looks awesome! You’re getting better and better. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

    • Thank you! It maybe doesn’t look like it but it was actually more involved than the previous cake, or at least I found it harder. I have another one in March coming up for my middle daughter, trying to come up with ideas… 🙂

  2. Ok now you have yet another talent I don’t….this is beautiful

    • Hehehe, you should’ve seen me…it may look good in the picture but behind the scenes was a nightmare. LOL! I was actually talking to myself, saying “I should just leave this to the professionals”…thank goodness I stuck with it and after the big surprise dinner/cake, Hubs was very thankful for my efforts.

  3. I will totally have to remember this for DH 30th B-day in May. GREAT job!

  4. Hey Stacey! I am DEWALT’s social media manager..saw your cake on Instagram, which led me here. What an awesome idea! Glad to see you and your husband are fans of DEWALT!

    • Thanks Jennifer. 🙂 We are huge fans; not sure if you’ve noticed my blog header. 😉 We should have shares with all the DeWalt tools we have. Hubs proudly built this entire house with DeWalt tools so a DeWalt birthday cake was only fitting. lol

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