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DIY Paper Flower Tutorial


Hi there! I’m Paige from Little Nostalgia, and I’m addicted to buying paper. You can tell by looking anywhere in my office. Obviously there’s the stuff in the printer, but also scrapbook paper, card stock, a pile of old books… and some recently discovered vintage sheet music.



I don’t even remember why I bought it! But since I have it, I’d better use it. New crafts are always fun, so I decided to whip up an easy paper flower. You can put it in a frame, make it into an ornament, glue a magnet to the back–they take only a minute and are extremely versatile.



–decorative paper (sheet music, scrapbook paper, etc.)

–needle and thread


–button or pearl


First, cut your paper into squares. I did two sizes: 2″x2″ and 1″x1″. You can make them bigger or smaller, depending on how large you want the finished product to be.



Next make a small stack of squares and fan them out so none of the corners line up. I did three large layers and two small. Once your paper is arranged, it’s time to secure it.┬áBecause I wanted my layers to be really flat, I sewed them together instead of using glue. A basic cross-stitch will hold everything together.



The glue comes into play at the very end. I took a flat-backed pearl (a button would also work) and stuck on top of the thread with a dab of adhesive. Now you just have to decide what to do with your bloom! I put mine in a picture frame, but you could use it to decorate a present, or as part of a tablescape, or make several and turn them into a springtime garland…



Do you work with a lot of paper? (Or have a secret addiction to it like me?) Have you started making flowers yet this year?


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  1. That is really cute! I’m a music fan – I love it!

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