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Potty Training is NOT for the Weak

This is THE potty, purchased before we moved from our old house to the new one.  If I were to think about it from a toddler perspective, I would think it looks pretty neat with cushioned seat and handles to hang on….handles?  I will assume those are for the adult when moving the potty. 😉  I am not a toddler however and clearly my toddler has a mind of her own.  


We dabbled in potty training at the old house and Baby Girl actually seemed interested, I’ll use that term loosely.  She would sit and do her liquid business in the potty without any fuss WHEN I remembered to sit her on it.  Unfortunately we had so much chaos going on with building and the move that I put the potty training on the back burner.  Now that we are somewhat settled in the new house, I figured it was time to put the work in and finish this up; it should be quick considering her previous interest, right?


A few signs your toddler is ready to potty train:

Taken from

>> Has regular, soft, formed bowel movements – CHECK

>> Can pull her pants up and down – Does insisting on being naked count?

>> Imitates others’ bathroom habits (likes to watch you go to the bathroom, wants to wear underwear, and so on) – CHECK

>> Makes a physical demonstration when she’s having a bowel movement (such as grunting, squatting, or telling you) – CHECK

>> Has words for stool and urine – CHECK

>> Can follow simple instructions (such as “Give me the toy.”) – CHECK

>> Understands the physical signals that mean she has to go and can tell you before it happens – The jury is still out.

>> Dislikes the feeling of being in a dirty diaper – CHECK

>> Has “dry” periods of at least three or four hours (this shows her bladder muscles are developed enough to hold her urine in and store it) – At times, yes.

>> Isn’t negative about everything – CHECK

>> Understands the value of putting things where they belong – Sometimes, with encouragement.

>> Demonstrates a desire for independence  – CHECK, CHECK; CHECK!

>> Can walk and sit down – CHECK


According to this list, Baby Girl is ready, regardless of being just short of 2 years of age…except she decided that doing her dirty business on the floor was a better idea. She topped that off by pointing at the mess and saying “Ewwww!”.  Ewwww?  Very funny, little girl!  *Gag*  Potty training is not for the weak.  I would have to say she’s done her liquid business more times on the floor than in the potty, even though when she does manage to get it in the potty she’s very excited.  Maybe she was just getting back at me for putting undies on her vs a training diaper.  Do you think toddlers can be that vengeful?  I have successfully potty trained my 3 older kids; this should be like old news to me, not so.  I am not beneath bribery either; I have rewarded her with suckers, jelly beans and now onto a healthier treat, yogurt covered raisins….yum!


What’s potty training tricks have worked for you?

2 comments on “Potty Training is NOT for the Weak”

  1. My daughter was in panties full time (awake; at home or families houses) by her 2nd birthday. I put her potty in the living room and let her run around bare bottomed. I would encourage her every so often as she was playing. She got Dora stickers whenever there was even a drop of pee in the potty. There were so many times that we had a trail of poop on the floor as she ran for the potty. Good times! LOL Good luck!

  2. No tips here, just wishing you best of luck. DS is 19 months and we will be coming up on that stage soon!

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