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The Sexiest Men Alive How Not to Get a Date

I was watching Elen DeGeneres the other day and she had a segment featuring some pretty fabulous “Glamour shots” which pretty much had me in stitches.  In lieu of that hilarity I decided to compile a few of the sexiest men alive….*cough*…glamour shots I have found out on the web just for you.  What do you think? Do they ooze sex appeal?


1. Moulin Rouge?  Source

2. Hello glitter pants Source

3. Find this and more of these brother bad boys HERE

4. Wow, just WOW! Source

5. Zorro? Nope!  Source

6.  Oh Lemmy, you had me at the bullet belt…*sigh* Source

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10 comments on “The Sexiest Men Alive How Not to Get a Date”

  1. Too funny! Loved Lemmy the best!

  2. OMG! I was laughing so hard. Some of those are priceless.

  3. Is it wrong that I knew #6 was Lemmy once I saw his face?

  4. Ummmmm. The Unicorn is priceless. What the heck is that, the hooves? LOL, thanks for the laugh… I laughed sooo hard.

  5. too funny! I know I’ve seen the unicorn somewhere else before but can’t think of where…

  6. Those are the men of my dreams! I wish I wasn’t already married…

  7. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA~ oh now that’s sexy…

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