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An Interview with Skincerity Beauty Skin Care

Acne was never really a problem for me, even in my high school days.  I had the odd nasty pimple that made me want to hide in a hole, anything to avoid going in front of my peers with the grotesque thing, god forbid, but nothing compared to the acne that appeared after I began having children.  Hormones are a wonderful thing, aren’t they?  My youngest is turning two in a few months and I’m long past my hormones levelling out but I still seem to have issues with my skin, an oily but dry t-zone, what some call “combination skin”, and the dreaded blackheads I was blessed with.  It still baffles me how oily skin can also be dry skin.


After each of my four pregnancies I noticed more unsightly stretch marks.  I tried Vitamin E oil as recommended by my Doctor but the marks didn’t seem to fade regardless.  Not long ago a friend of mine introduced me to a skin care product name Skincerity.  I was sceptical  at first but once I saw several before and after images and had the chance to try the product myself I was a believer in the product.  My skin has never felt better or more nourished; as we know properly moisturized skin is key to youthful skin.


Questions and Answers with Kristy Straub on Skincerity


Why do you feel the need to share this specific skin care product with everyone?

I have been blessed with such a great opportunity, and I just feel the need to “PAY IT FORWARD”!


Explain what Skincerity is and how it can help the average person?

Skincerity is a roll-on nightly breathable mask. They produce and market 2 other products: a serum and a barrier, but Skincerity nightly breathable masque, is their flagship product.  It’s purpose is to hold in your own natural skin moisture it’s infused with antioxidants and vitamin E to help repair skin damage: Acne, stretch marks, rosacia, sun damage, age spots, burns, scars, wrinkles, fine lines.  You don’t stop using the products you are already using. Skincerity simply rolls over top of your nightly routine. This has proven to boost your moisturizer that you are already using by 4x.  This masque is used in the hospitals to help repair/nourish burn/cancer patients’ skin. It’s backed by doctors and dermatologists. It’s the only breathable masque in the world!

Before Skincerity Applications

After Skincerity Applications

Does Skincerity offer a business opportunity?

The Company I work for is called Nucerity.  This company is made up of a team of doctors, dermatologist and 3 men that have multimillion dollar track records for their products.  Nucerity is still young; it’s just staring to hit other countries. It’s the perfect time to sign up for this entry level opportunity.

Think about this:

One bottle of Skincerity retails for $129.00 a bottle, becoming a distributor you pay around $50.00 a bottle.  Selling each bottle for $99.00 – $129.00, you make $49 to $79 dollars a bottle, plus you get commissions and bonus’s from the company. For example 16 bottles of Skincerity x $129 = $2064 – $800(for the bottles) = $1264.00 in your pocket.

There are different starter packages available, I started with the largest package of 16 bottles which bumped me up into a 3 star associate position and gave me 12% commission on anyone I brought into the company. You can get paid 10 different ways in this company, it is defiantly a NO FAIL INVESTMENT, which has a HUGE pay off!


To see more before and afters or to find out more information check out the Skincerity website or contact Kristy directly at


Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post brought to you by independent distributor, Kristy Straub, of Skincerity; all opinions are strictly my own.




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