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DIY Chalkboard Vase Tutorial



An alternate title for this could be, “How To Fix An Oopsie,” because I learned from experience that chalkboard paint covers a multitude of sins. So whether you need to hide a weirdly dried patch of silver paint or just turn something into a writing surface, this is definitely the way to go.


You will need:

–glass vase or container

–chalkboard spray paint (I used Valspar)

–a well-ventilated area (I just go outside)


To get the best coverage, you’ll want to do 2-3 thin and even coats, keeping your can about a foot away from the item you’re spraying. If you get too close or try to put too much on there at once, you’ll end up with drip marks.



My particular brand of paint claims that it fully cures in 6 hours, but I let it dry overnight just to be safe. After that, I took a piece of chalk and lightly rubbed it over the entire vase.


This will keep the first things you write on the surface from sticking around as “ghost letters.” As soon as I covered the whole thing, I took a rag and wiped it off. No need to let it sit.



And that’s it! Not counting the drying time, this took about 20 minutes. I’m loving the contrast of the dark paint with the other light accessories in my office, but if you want something springier, chalkboard paint comes in a ton of colors.




For more DIY project ideas, check out my blog Little Nostalgia. In the meantime, are you a fan of chalkboard paint? Ever used it to fix a mistake? What’s your favorite chalkboard project?

9 comments on “DIY Chalkboard Vase Tutorial”

  1. I really found this post interesting! I’ll be pinning this on pinterest!

  2. First, I didn’t know that chalkboard paint came in different colours.

    Second, thanks so much for the tip about covering the item in chalk and wiping off. I had no idea this would solve the ghost letter problem.

    I am loving this project!

  3. Very nice looking! We just painted one our smaller walls as a chalkboard recently. The kids love it and I really like it for weekly menus and reminders!

    • I’ve seen them done on walls and they ate so handy; this is great for canisters or little pots for growing your own herbs. The ideas are endless. So much fun!

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  5. Thanks for the ideas. I recently made a chalkboard for our kitchen and simply love it, but I wasn’t aware that the paint came in a spray form, but it only stands to reason that it would. It would have made my project so much easier. I went to several stores to locate the chalkboard paint… most of the sales clerks looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for this paint. I even asked the store manager at Michaels, and he had never heard of it. I believe I finally found it at Home Depot. I’ve got to go back to see if they have it in any colors, as I have another project in mind.

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