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Easter Traditions Need Smarties Eggs

Easter is full of traditions never short of chocolate.  We set aside family time to decorate every nook of our house with baby chicks, eggs and bunny decorations to enjoy over the weeks leading up to the big day.  The kids easily get excited in anticipation of what special things the Easter Bunny might leave them.  Each time the kids think they have figured that Easter Bunny’s hiding spots ahead of time but each time they are left surprised.


Our biggest and most looked forward to Easter tradition is of course the Easter egg scavenger hunt we plan for the kids where they find plastic eggs, each holding a chocolate egg treat and a hint to where the next egg might be.  The whole family enjoys the excitement of this game; watching the kids excitement grow to the big prize at the end of the hunt, their Easter baskets filled with their favourite chocolate treats.


Nestle has just released the new Smarties Eggs just in time for Easter.  Each bag is filled with colourful eggs to brighten up any Easter basket or to make the perfect Easter scavenger hunt accessory.  An old time favourite has really made their candy covered chocolate treats something to add to the excitement this holiday season.


Smarties has created the Smarties Sendables create a picture Easter feature on the Smarties Canada Facebook Page; add your own cute accessories and share to your friends and family just like I did.  Each Smarties chick themed sendable is free to create and send; head over to “Like” the Smarties Facebook page to create your own.  If you prefer sweet little lambs or bunny themes like my little gal, Aero and KitKat sendables have you covered.


To celebrate the new release of Smarties eggs, Nestle is running a contest for Readers, like you, where you can submit your Easter-ized Family photo for a chance to win a supply of SMARTIES eggs.  Nestle has created some very cute Easter themed recipes for you to try with the Smarties Eggs, Chocolate Pretzel nests and Chewy Coconut Nests.  I know these adorable little desserts will be a huge hit at our family Easter dinner.  The ideas are endless with Smarties Eggs.


Tell me, what are you Easter traditions?  Is chocolate a tradition in your house, like it is in mine?  I would love to see your sendables; please feel free to post them on the This Lil Piglet Facebook wall.



To learn more about Nestle Easter Sendables visit UrbanMoms

12 comments on “Easter Traditions Need Smarties Eggs”

  1. Seriously?! Smarties for Easter! Smarties are my all time favourite chocolate/candy treat!!!

  2. I love smarties – my kids love smarties…..these look yummy. I will have to check out the sendable site too!

  3. Oh gosh, I love chocolate. These would yummy. And when you eat your Smarties do you eat the red ones last? I eat the blue ones last, but that is because blue is my favourite colour!

  4. awww! that is SUCH a cute pic!
    and oh man, i totally need some smarties eggs!!

  5. have to look for some of those smarties… kids would love them.

  6. Super cute picture!!! Your kiddos are too cute. And I will definitely be going to the store soon to pick some of these up to add to the kiddos treats for Easter.

    Our Easter always involved chocolate, too much of it, lol. We give the kids their baskets in the morning and then my mother in law makes up her own goody bags for all the grandchildren when we’re over there for dinner, they have so much fun!

  7. Super cute picture and fun treat, would be perfect for taking into the classroom to share!

  8. Smarties eggs!! Oh wow, won’t those be a big hit?

  9. Oh no! Another reason to eat smarties! Love ’em. Always, always had the easter egg hunt in our house and the large family dinner. Was usually an early dinner because everyone would be tired early.

  10. Americans don’t know what they’re missing!! 🙂

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