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Top Ten Toddler iPhone Apps

I admit that I love, love; LOVE my iPhone and I’m learning more about it daily.  There are “Apps” for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g from fuel price checking to photography.  My toddler comes with me everywhere that I go which means keeping her occupied is a necessity IF I want to accomplish whatever it is I set out to do; she’s not much of a shopper.  That was what sent me on my search for toddler iPhone apps that would keep her occupied while we were out.  I wasn’t too worried about her damaging my phone because I had previously purchased the best OtterBox case you can buy and it stands up to the test of a toddler, let me tell you.  Baby Girls’ top ten toddler apps, by the way she interacts with the apps, are:


1. Let’s Count Animals by Fischer Price – FREE

Although Baby Girl (22 months) can’t count yet, she loves watching the animals dance and sing along.  Eventually when she’s ready, the animals that light up as the app counts along will help her learn.





2. Peekaboo Barn by Night and Day StudiosFREE for the Lite version or $1.99 for the full version.

Baby Girl really likes anything to do with barn animals; naturally she loves this app because she can tap the barn door, each time revealing a new barn animal which proceeds to make that animal sound.  Afterwards the app says the word of the animal and shows the animal word on the screen before closing the barn doors where she can do it all over again.  I recommend buying the full version because the lite version only offers a few animals to play with.



3.  Shapes Toddler Preschool by Toddler Teasers – FREE


This app is by far her favorite, mainly because she can play games on this app that are not too old for her, such as balloon popping to reveal shapes, cannon blasting shapes and train building to reveal shapes.




4.   Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Rainbow Ride by Nickelodeon – FREE lite version


This app has a free lite version which is enough for my toddler.  The Rainbow game is a little tricky for her age but she likes to watch the colours and movement.  There’s also a tap and colouring page she learns her colours on.




5.  Baby Touch and Hear by Open Solutions – FREE lite version

She loves the sounds of this app, each associated with a different image.  The free or lite version offers a couple pages of images; for $0.99 you will have access to various images and sounds to go along with each.





6.  Elmo Calls by Sesame Street – $0.99

Take personal calls from Elmo! She loves Elmo so naturally she loves this iPhone app.  This one isn’t free but for 99 cents I highly recommend purchasing this one; your little one will love seeing Elmo in video calls.





7.  Rock Star Mickey by Mattel – FREE

This is a new one for her but she loves it.  The fact that you can take your own picture with Mickey Mouse is a huge hit.  She can play a little tune on Mickey’s guitar or dress Mickey in different outfits for his concert; she has a lot of fun with it.






8.  Kids Doodle by Bejoy Mobile – FREE lite version

My little one loves this doodle app where she can make her drawings turn into movies before her eyes.






9.  Phone 4 Kids by Kids Game Club – FREE lite version

All graphics are in HD for this app; your toddler can dial a number like you while learning numbers and colours.  There are a few other little games on here but her favorite is the phone game.





10.  Laugh and Learn Shapes and Colors by Mattel – FREE

Baby Girl giggles with this one; most of the Fisher-Price apps are fantastic and I would recommend all of them.  The little shapes bounce, hop and dance around the screen; when you tap on them they giggle,  say peek-a-boo and throw out miniature shapes around them.  The other part of this app is a keyboard where she can tap on the shape and play a little tune.  Very cute!




These are Baby Girls top ten toddler iPhone apps so far; try these out the next time you take your little one to the grocery store and I assure you what once was a squirmy LO will now be entertained while you quickly finish up your shopping.  I know there are many more out there; if you have a recommendation, please comment and let me know about it.


This post was in no way sponsored; all opinions are solely my own.



18 comments on “Top Ten Toddler iPhone Apps”

  1. We love Peek-A-Boo Barn here too!

  2. wish the platforms shared their apps more.. totally different ones for android so I don’t have a favourite i app per say since I only have android systems

    • I have an android tablet and they do have some great toddler apps on there too that she’s a fan of. I’ll try to locate them and let you know. 🙂

  3. Although I am addicted to my iPhone, I don’t have too many iPhone apps for my princess. I am sure she will love the Dora one!!

  4. I’m finally going to bite the bullet and get an iPhone this year. I haven’t owned a cell phone since my separation from my husband because I couldn’t afford one. Now that things are doing better though I think its due time I get one and then I can try all these fun apps!

  5. I am so technically challanged. These look like great apps though!

  6. #3 was one of the first apps I downloaded when I got my very first iPhone 🙂 Great selection for toddlers.

  7. Very cool review! I have a bunch of stuff to check out now for the kids! One that my little ones like that isn’t here is some haircut one. I realize that is no help but my wife’s phone isn’t nearby, but I know she has an app where you cut animals hair with your finger and they love it!!

    Thanks for the list!!!

    • Thank you; I hope your kids enjoy the apps. 🙂 Actually I have 2 apps like that, maybe one is the same, but they are more for my older kids than my toddler; big hit with the kids. Very cute!

  8. That Mickey Mouse app seems pretty cool and I love that it’s a freebie!

  9. These are awesome! It’s obvious little kids will want to use because they see you using apps on your phone and ipad. Kids want to copy. So to have great learning tools available…win win

    • Exactly; she’s so funny to watch her swipe her finger across the screen and tap on the icons. She’s not quite 2 yet an knows more than my parents about technology. 😉

  10. I am so glad I stumbled upon this list. I have been thinking about downloading more apps on my iPhone for my 19 month old. I only have a puzzle one at the moment so it’s time for more. He will LOVE the Elmo one!

    • I’m glad to hear I could help. When I was looking it was frustrating and it was through trial and error that I found these. My gal loves the Elmo one and barn one especially. There’s also a Tom cat one she likes, since then I’ve found it. Just search for Tom cat and you should find it. You have to hook up to the computer to download because its a bigger app but she can rub the cats belly to make it purr and when you speak, it repeats. Super cute! Have fun. 🙂

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