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Aromatique Decorative Fragrance Review

Having a nicely scented home is something I strive to achieve.  Maintaining a clean home is a huge part of that but the scent of cleaning products is not one of my favourites, as you can relate. With the use of fragrance products my home maintains a fresh scent throughout.  Having a little one around, I generally lean towards reed diffuser’s, room sprays and decorative fragrance for the majority of toddler accessible areas.  From room sprays to bath products to the usual fragrance products like scented candles and reed diffusers, Aromatique offers a variety of decorative fragrance products for every preferred scent range.

One of the reasons I love this company is knowing that each and every step of the design, manufacturing and packaging of the Aromatique products is done in-house, most by hand and all within USA.  Just by looking at the packaging, I could tell that each aspect of the product was done with an appealing presentation in mind for the consumer.

I was sent a reed diffuser, a decorative fragrance and a scented cube candle in Green Tea & Pear scent, a “cool and crisp blending of green tea, citrus peels, and white pear with a delicate floral fragrance and the warmth of musk”.  The extra care taken was not only evident in the vibrant colours and decorative touches of the polished stone medallion but in the complimentary ribbon, layout and dual packaging of specifically the decorative fragrance. I do not only want my fragrance products to smell nice, I want them to suit my home and look nice.  The combination of packaging and infused fragrance oils allow the products to remain scented for extended periods which is something I always look for when buying scented products.  

Aromatique has been at the forefront of decorative fragrance products since 1982, selling in 7,000 locations across the United States and Canada.  Online you will find numerous fragrances and products to choose from for yourself or as a gift, even gourmet toffee for all those candy lovers out there and with free shipping with the purchase of $75 or more, you can grab any upcoming birthday or Mother’s Day gifts for your loved ones too.  Personally I’m a sucker for tropical scents; Aromatique’s Island Breeze fragrance products will be on my Mother’s Day gift idea list this year.

Head over to Aromatique to see all the great products they have to offer and join the conversation on the Aromatique FaceBook page or sign up for their email newsletter to receive 10% off your next order!

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