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DIY Birds Nest Necklace Tutorial

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea with the personal touch. These bird nest necklaces are the current trend, as they should be; just look how adorably modern they are. Any mom would love to have one and you can DIY for next to nothing. Not the crafty type? No problem, I’ll do it for you for $30 US shipping included (US/CAN), just send with a note via PayPal to

Materials Needed

— 24 G Jewelry Wire

— Small Beads (glass work best)

— Jewelry Chain

— Clasp and Jump Ring

— Needle Nose Pliers

— Wire Cutters

1. Choose which beads you want to use and the number of beads and string the beads onto the wire, arranging as you like. Secure the end slightly around the first bead so it doesn’t slip off and wrap the wire around the bead once.

2. Add your 2nd and 3rd beads, wrapping around begin wrapping the wire around the trio of beads.

3. Holding the beads securely in between your thumb and middle or index finger, continue wrapping the wire around the beads until you receive a “birds nest” effect, clipping off the excess wire. ย Weave the end of the wire securely into the back side of the nest; use your needle nose pliers to help you if needed.

4. Personally I liked the look of the “twine” type wire around the nest between the 3 beads so I wrapped extra wire around about 3 -4 times, clipping the excess wire off and ensuring all wire ends were bent in to avoid scratching the person wearing it.

5. Cut a length of chain to your preference; mine is 16″ which is a good length but it depends on the person you are making it for as to the size you will need.

6. Using your needle nose pliers, add a clasp onto the ends of the chain. Usually the clasps come with both the male and female end but if not, just use a jump ring on the other end of the chain.

7. Attach a jump ring onto the top of the birds nest that you have just made, slide the chain through and voila, a birds nest necklace! Easy!

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15 comments on “DIY Birds Nest Necklace Tutorial”

  1. Thank you – I love this piece. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I can’t find the glass beads anywhere. I want to get three different colors to represent my sisters and myself so my mother will never have an empty nest. Where did you buy your beads?

  3. This would be a good project for my daughter and hubby to do together. They are the two more crafty ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the Diy project!!!

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  5. Very pretty! I really like the colour of the beads. I actually make these too and have spent the last two days making eight for a custom order. They’re always a hit.

  6. Beautiful! I love the color of the beads.

  7. This is so neat. Thank you for this. It’s definitely something my mom would love to try and make. She’s very crafty and loves stuff like this.

  8. I have a necklace very similar from The Vintage Pearl. So beautiful.

  9. What a beautiful piece and really, its pretty easy to make! Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. About how long is the wire that is wrapped around the beads.

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