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Summer Recipes with Minute Maid

From play time to eating, summer around here is spent mostly outdoors.  I always have a hard time pulling my kids in from outside and I feel bad about it, if it’s a nice day.  I often prepare “outdoor” summer treats for my kids to help keep them hydrated but treats that are fun too.  Minute Maid has some great kid-approved recipes on their site to help you spruce up your hydration this summer.  The Berry Swirl Ice Pops and Sparkling Grape Lemonade were a hit around here.  I’ve included the recipes so you can try them yourself; let me know what you think.


Berry Swirl Ice Pops



  • ·         1 can 295mL Minute Maid® Berry Punch frozen concentrate (unthawed)
  • ·         1 cup Frozen mixed berries (unthawed)
  • ·         1/2 cup Water
  • ·         2 cups Vanilla yogurt
  • Directions:
  • ·         In blender, purée together berry punch frozen concentrate, mixed berries and water until smooth.
  • ·         Pour into each ice-pop mould, starting with berry mixture, alternately spoon in berry mixture and yogurt, making 3 layers of berry mixture and 2 layers of yogurt.
  • ·         Using tip of knife or skewer, make 1 or 2 swirls. Insert stick into centre
  • ·         Freeze until solid

SUMMER FUN TIP: Don’t have ice-pop moulds? No worries.  Just use 5-oz (148 mL) disposable paper cups and wooden ice-pop sticks to make these tasty summertime treats.


Sparkling Grape Lemonade





  • ·         1 can 295mL Minute Maid® Grape Punch frozen concentrate, thawed (undiluted)
  • ·         1 can 295mL Minute Maid® Lemonade frozen concentrate, thawed (undiluted)
  • ·         3 cups Sprite® Sparkling Beverage
  • ·         2 cups Water
  • ·         Ice cubes or ice ring


Directions: In punch bowl or large pitcher, stir together grape punch and lemonade frozen concentrates, Sprite® and water; mix well. Fill with ice cubes or add ice ring to keep cold.


SUMMER FUN TIP: Jazz up your lemonade and use frozen grapes as ice cubes.




Frozen Facts:


  • ·         Personalized punches: Don’t like your juices too sweet? Simply add more water to your Minute Maid frozen juice or punch


  • ·         Freeze for future:  Frozen juices and punches can be easily stored for a long period of time so you never have to worry about being empty-handed when your little one surprises you and invites the whole neighbourhood over.
  • ·         Mix and match: Try inventing your own summer recipes by mixing and matching different frozen juices and punches. With over 16 varieties to choose from, there is a juice or punch for every occasion.

For more great summer entertaining recipes visit



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