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Twin Lambs Romeo and Juliette Join the Farm

We have new baby twin lambs on our farm, a male and a female.  Both lambs were born without assistance and were very healthy.  Momma ewe was vigilant over her babies and stayed with them in the barn for the first week before venturing back outside.  I was lucky enough that Momma ewe let me take a picture of one of her babies right after it was born.  Hubs assisted the babies in finding their Momma’s milk the first time and within a few feeding’s, they had figured out where their food was located.  The kids are more than ecstatic, as am I; they quickly named them Romeo and Juliette.

Me with Juliette

A few days later, they are already getting big; Momma ewe’s milk must be nice and thick with nutrients.

Baby Girl kicking Prince Fuzzy Boots out of the barn

Meet our new kitty cat, Prince Fuzzy Boots.  No we did not name him; he was surrendered to us from a family who could no longer keep him.  He has settled in with the rest of the animals very nicely.  It’s actually funny to watch when he gets a little too close to the babies, Momma ewe gives him a little head butt.  Isn’t he sweet?!

Romeo is just slightly bigger than Juliette

All legs and super cute!  We also just brought home 3 more ewes and we suspect they are expecting babies due in August or September. Time will tell; keep watching. 🙂

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