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Justin Bieber Believe Tour Tickets Unachievable

I can hear the screams already.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t have any girls in the age range of say 7 – 14, you already know Justin Bieber is set for his 2012 “Believe” world tour concert.  My girls, and neice are no exception to this.


I guess I can see the attraction, he’s a pretty good singer, a good performer from what I have seen, a cutie (in a not wierd mom of preteen daughters sort of way) and he’s Canadian too; be still my little girls hearts.  I get flashbacks of my utter obsession of the New Kids on the Block and shutter; what makes girls so crazy? Gone are the days of walls plastered with posters of NKOTB and secret kisses with a poster of Donnie. Looking back at pictures; they look like boys of the Jersey Shore. Don’t judge me…


Like a good mom, I tried to get my girls tickets to the Bieber Fever concert but unfortunately was unable to because for some reason they were inaccessible.  I had my in-laws try by 2 different phones and I was trying by 2 different phones and via online Ticketmaster but was unable to get through, regardless of the hundreds of times we tried all those avenues.  I wonder if it truly sold out that quick or if their were people who had access ahead for reserve.  It seems plausible especially with all the tickets suddenly for sale online for hundres, sometimes thousands more than the tickets were sold for, even on Ticketmaster itself.  It seems unfair to the little people who are unable to spend $400+ for a VIP ticket for one person, meet Justin Bieber or not, when you have 2 girls (with me makes 3) VIP tickets were only sold at a maximum of 2 tickets, again making tickets unachievable.  Obviously it makes sense that tickets would be sold out so quickly but unfair to regular parents doing all they can to give their kids a dream concert experience.


If you have hundreds or thousands of dollars and are willing to spend it, you can get auction tickets over at You have to search for available tickets which by the way are not available, then you are sent to a screen where you have the option to bid on auction tickets right on TicketMaster’s website.  Good luck.


My girls would have died to have the chance to see this concert but I’m sure they are among thousands of other disappointed little girls.  Surely Justin Bieber has to see the love and support he has from his Canadian fans, it would be great if he would add on more concert dates and locations to give the same opportunity to all of his fans.  For us, we have only one concert date in our Province, the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, SK; some Provinces have 2.  If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who grabbed tickets, tweet me so I…ahem, I mean my girls can live vicariously through you. 😉


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  1. there was preorder tickets available for fan club members, my nephew was trying to get tickets for the Toronto show. I’m guessing by this that he probably didn’t get in either

    • Yes there was but the problem with those were that they were sold in two’s; I have 2 girls so there would have been three of us and I would not leave one out just to get tickets for one. I could have tried to buy 2 sets of 2 but we would be split up. Regardless, I tried that route anyway and I still couldn’t get tickets. My SIL had an American Express so she could’ve has early access however the 2 ticket rule was the problem and they were sold out too quick. I just find it strange how tickets were supposedly sold out so quick but there are a bunch on auction, on the same site that sold them to begin with, TicketMaster, and for much more…hmmm

  2. I have to say that it’s times like these that I am glad I just have boys! 🙂 Hope you manage to find some tickets; how fun would that be for your girls?!

    • I hear ya; girls! Boys can be like that though, just a little more reserved. Hubs took the boy to Hedley a couple months ago and he was just a grinning mess. First concert. 🙂 I hope we can find tickets; it would be the surprise of s lifetime for them. Thanks Kat!

  3. I was brought back to my squee-ing preteen days at Blissdom last year when Jordan Knight took the stage at the Halloween Party. So as much as I want to say, “WOW! We were SO crazy back then,” the same way Beebs/Beliebers fans (whatever the term is) are today, “back then” was less than a year ago now. Oops. *facepalm*

    IIRC, TicketMaster has got into hot water about having tickets “sold out”, but then found for much more expensive prices on their sister sites in the past. It would be ridiculous if they tried the same stunt again, but unfortunately I can still see them doing that. :/

    • I wish I could have been there to scream along with you; omg, I bet you all had a blast! It gets the best of us. lol It wouldn’t surprise me about TM, it just seems shady to me the way it all went down and then suddenly, right away, you can buy auction tickets for much more…some were going for $3000. Seriously? But there are some people with money that would pay it no doubt. It just sucks for the kids who can’t get the same chance as the rest. :/

  4. I’m in the same boat as you. I posted on my personal FB about it. I tried to join his fanclub to get the pre-tickets, but at that time his Fanclub wasn’t accepting any new members, figures.
    I was online, on the phone all last Friday and yeah, sold out. I’m just thankful I never really promised anything to my little girl. If I did she would have been crushed. He should really have more tour dates or perform at bigger venues especially knowing how many fans are out there wanting to see him live. I’m a bit disappointed by that. So now I’m going to keep an eye out on Kijiji and other places, but I won’t pay anything over $100 for the tickets, that’s just crazy, lol.

    • Being Canadian and as popular as this, he should have expected this response and his tour managers. I didn’t promise my girls either but my eldest begged me to get tickets…ugh. I’ve been looking on Kijiji and other sites and they are all going for much more than that…I’m just not willing to pay to put money in peoples pockets who are taking advantage of parents like this. I may pay if they are reasonably close simply because my girls would die for the concert of a lifetime (in their eyes) that likely won’t come around again or in a long time anyway. He should have had more tour dates/locations. 🙁

  5. My nieces love him. My friends’ daughters love him. Me? Mehhh. Sure, he’s talented and he’s Canadian, but there’s something about him that makes me say, “Mehhh”:) Don’t know why. Oh, I made my friend’s daughter cry (totally unintentional!) because I kept calling him Justin BEAVER. lol

  6. Oh…. New Kids on the Block, what memories 🙂 I even had the Barbie doll type figures of them. Still have them in a box somewhere. Now that I’m thinking about them, I feel a blog post with pics coming on… Lol 🙂

  7. It’s crazy how expensive concert tickets have become. Seems a little greedy on the part of the artists. I wish they cared more about making it obtainable for the average family. Fortunately, we don’t have Bieber Fever in our house!

    • I know; I suppose that’s how they get rich but for the real fans, especially the regular fans from normal income households it’s just ridiculous. Lucky you; my girls are definitely bieber ga-ga.

  8. makes me mad how things like this go. the fans that love him most are the ones who could never pay for this- the 7-14 crowd. boo.

    • I agree but what can anyone do…we’re just nobody’s in the big picture of these celebrity events. Ah well; chop this up to being a loss and move on.

  9. My oldest two daughters used to like him but they grew out of liking him like a fad.

  10. Wow. Ticketmaster is outrageous and just becoming worse. Live music is such an amazing experience for everyone, young or old but you have to at least have a fighting chance to attend!

    My girls are 2 and 4 years old and I was outraged over $40 Toopy and Binno, I can’t imagine what kind of financial pain and screaming-induced headaches await me in the future. Thanks for the heads up! I hope something comes through and makes this happen for you and your gang.

    • Thanks Dana. I agree it is outrageous. I have a 2 year old as well as she love Toopy and Binoo so we’ll likely be going to that as well, at least that is doable. I’m still looking for tickets and hoping that I can snag some last minute when the ones who are selling them for outrageous prices realize they are stuck with them if they don’t toss them for cheap…well that’s my plan anyway. LOL I have 13, 11, 10 year olds and they get more expensive as they age, especially the boy. It’s like they all have to keep up with their friends.

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