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PlasmaBike Sponsor Spotlight

Baby Girl is at the age where she loves ride-on toys of any sort.  These ride-on toys have taught her how to get on and off, push with her feet and of course to have a lot of fun.  With a sturdy wheel base, usually of 4 wheels, one thing these toys do not teach her is the ability to balance using her own body.  The PlasmaBike is the perfect toy to encourage natural learning to develop motor skills, teaching her while having fun.

Like all parents, I’m always concerned with the safety of the toys I introduce to my kids.  The first thing I noticed about the PlasmaBike was the wide wheel base and wheels.  Extra wide wheels offered Baby Girl more security when balancing on the bike, especially for the first few times.  The bike can be tipped over if the child is moving around on it or leaning from side to side which is why your child should be supervised while on the bike, as with any toys.   The PlasmaBike is put in motion by your child’s push power only.  With limited range of steering, the Plasmabike encourages your child to learn how to balance and maneuver a 2 wheel bike without help, just like a big kid, creating a solid base for when they are ready to transition to a more traditional 2 wheel bicycle.

The PlasmaBike is recommended for 18 months and up and up to 55 lbs.  My toddler is of average height and has no problems getting on or off the bike on her own.  Baby Girl gets a little frustrated because she has a bit of a need for speed and the PlasmaBike doesn’t allow for that but this is definitely a positive feature from a parent perspective.  If you are looking for a tool to teach your little one balance motor skills or to get your child ready for a larger bike, I highly recommend the PlasmaBike.

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  1. These look like a blast!

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