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Beat the Heat Summer Car Care Tips via @FordCanada

Living in Saskatchewan, everyone knows the weather extremes we are witness to from the dead of winter to the sizzling heat of summer, we take a beating.  The extreme weather changes can take a tole on your vehicle as well making it equally important to make sure you maintain your vehicle this summer.  Before you head out on a family road trip this summer, Ford Canada has put together a list of summer car care tips to help ensure your car and family stay safe and protected in the heat.


1.  Check the level and strength of your coolant – A low coolant level can cause your engine to overheat. Make sure the coolant reservoir is filled to the proper level. However, be careful when opening the radiator cap – it can be very hot!

2.  Check your air conditioner – Make sure your air conditioner blows cold air and is working properly. Nothing makes hot weather worse for your passengers than a weak air conditioner.

3.  Change the oil – Fresh oil can increase the lubrication protection of your engine. Switching to a heavier viscosity motor oil during hot weather is a good idea, especially on older, high mileage engines.

4.  Check or replace the windshield wipers – Natural rubber wiper blades have a limited life of a year or less. Sun exposure and extreme heat age the rubber and cause it to become hard and brittle. If the wipers streak, chatter or smear, it’s time to replace them.

5.  Check Your Tires – Check the tire for wear, age cracks or damage. Check the inflation pressure in all the tires, including the spare. Underinflated tires can run hot and may be at risk of a blowout.

6. Keep your cool – Buy a sunshade for the windshield so the interior doesn’t get too hot if the vehicle is parked in direct sunlight. Also, close the sunroof sunshade, and leave the windows cracked so hot air can escape. This can lighten the cooling load on the air conditioner when the vehicle is first started, and prevent you from getting a hot seat or burning yourself on hot interior surfaces.

7.  Be SafeNever leave children or pets unattended for any length of time in a car. A closed car can heat up to well over 40 degrees celsius in a very short time.


Disclosure – I was not paid for this post in any way however I often review vehicles for Ford Canada.  All opinions are those of This Lil Piglet.

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