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@FordCanada 2012 #Ford Fiesta Feisty Meets Street

Driving this hot little number was like wearing a smashing red dress in a crowd of black.  Ford Canada has amped up their fun level with the 2012 Ford Fiesta in colours that anyone can feel excited about; the colour splash literally puts a smile on your face.  With European handling and driving dynamics and the voice-activated Ford SYNC® and AppLink system Ford is known for, Ford has designed this car with the sportster in mind.  The Fiesta offers a highway fuel efficiency of 4.9L/100km  to not only get to your destination feeling like you just stepped out of an action movie, you won’t break the bank getting there.

My first impression of the interior of the Ford Fiesta was “Woah!”; I was a little taken back by the shear brightness of the interior and although this car wouldn’t suit a family, this would be the perfect car for a young single person loving the thrill and look of a sportster car without the cost and fuel mileage that goes along with it.  This car is decked out with matching colour scheme’s to the exterior of the car with leather trimmed seats to enhance the sporty feel of the cloth inserts made from 25-percent post-industrial yarns.  Not only are the seats comfortable, they are eco-friendly too and that’s a bonus in my books.  The Ford Fiesta is not shy of safety features either; I was impressed to learn that this little car offers 7 different airbags to protect drivers and it’s passengers, even one to protect the drivers knees in the event of a collision.


The driver seat feels a bit like I envision the cockpit of a race car and made me feel like I was next up for the track.  Although I was taken back at first with the colours, they quickly grew on me; I think red looks good on me. 😉  I personally loved the dash lighting all lit up in matching red with under-lighting and cup holder lights that can be changed to match your mood in 7 different colours.  I think the absolute best feature for me is the touch unlock sensor system the Ford Fiesta offers it’s drivers.  As you walk up to the vehicle the the system recognizes the key fob on your person and as you touch the sensor on the drivers side or trunk handle, the vehicle unlocks for you.  No more fumbling for keys to enter the vehicle or to start the vehicle, with push button start technology the Ford Fiesta makes convenience a reality.


Overall the 2012 Ford Fiesta was a fun car to drive and full of zip and although it’s not a car I would personally own for the reason of having a large family, it would be a car I would consider for my son once he is of driving age or recommend to anyone seeking a sportster-like car without the cost.  Okay so it’s no Lamborghini when it comes to speed and start off BUT it does beat the Lamborghini by a land slide in some areas; view this fun video to watch the Fiesta in a duel with the Lamborghini and see how it does.


Disclaimer:  I was loaned this vehicle, as part of the Ford Canada media fleet, for one week to review. All opinions are my own, belong to This Lil Piglet and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. I really like the looks of the steering wheel!!

  2. HA! How fun is that?! I love the colors!

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