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Not Tornado Alley but Close Enough

Many of you who have been following along with my tweets and posts know that we recently had a few storms that luckily have went around us for the most part but were scary  and resulted in a little damage before they moved on.  We are not known for tornado’s here but weather conditions often make it favourable for tornados, high winds, hail and/or flash rains.  Here are a few pictures of the most recent storms that came through, one of which a tornado touched down less than 10 minutes from us and had us hiding in the basement for safety.  If you want to see larger versions, just click on each image.  Check out the 2nd last picture in the first storm and tell me if you see the old mans face staring at you?  I did not modify this picture and did not see this until after.  Crazy!


Tornado number 1 begins

Moving in quickly

Can you see the old mans face watching you? This is not modified; creepy!

The storm is moving on from us

Storm #2

An eerie sunset before the storm rolls in

A little to the left of that eerie sunset and looking nasty

A resemblance to a mushroom cloud?

After these we had a hail storm with golf ball sized hail but thankfully regardless of all this, we had no major damage and everyone here was completely fine.  The only thing that really happened was the brand new playhouse that Hubs and I spent a lot of time building, painting, carpeting, wiring for the girls was blown over in the storm.  We are still working to repair and anchor it down.  How about you; have you seen any viscous storms this summer so far?

7 comments on “Not Tornado Alley but Close Enough”

  1. Woah – crazy! You captured some phenomenal pictures of both storms. I totally noticed the man’s face in the second and third picture. So bizarre!! It definitely adds that creepy vibe.

  2. Great photo’s! I’ve lived in Dallas, which is in toronado alley… never stopped to take a photo!

    • I wasn’t really planning on it but living on the prairies we get a much longer/farther view of storms coming in. Some of these were taken on my way in from locking the sheep in the barn before the storm hit. The craziest picture was one my Hubs took while searching for our dog; he took off on us when the thunder hit.

  3. Yep not terribly far from you so we’ve seen some pretty cool stuff. No actual funnel clouds but some awesome formations.

  4. WOW. Those pics are GORGEOUS and also look so scary! Glad you’re all safe!

  5. Wow, those pictures are amazing! I love a good storm, but hate when they turn nasty. Glad everyone is ok!

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