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Preparing for Summer Camp


Growing up I have fond memories of my days at summer camp.  I learned so many new things and met many new friends from different walks of life.  This summer my two girls, Miss Priss and Squeakers, are excited to attend their first summer camp at the Wolf Creek Circle Square Ranch wagon camp where they will have many unique experiences to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.  Packing for overnight camp can be a daunting task; creating a summer camp supply list, such as the one included here, will keep you from forgetting much needed accessories which is one less worry for your kids at camp.


Miss Priss and Squeakers are only 13 months apart, although you would never know by looking at them with Miss Priss towering over her sister.  Because they are so close in age, they have many similar interests but don’t tell Miss Priss that I told you that; she would definitely disagree wholeheartedly, hormones!  Blink.  Living on a farm we do have the luxury of offering the kids many scenarios they weren’t able to experience living in the city, including the space for many farm animals.   One thing we are a little leery of introducing to our farm are horses, simply because we have no experience with these magnificent animals, other than a couple trail rides and a little stint at the local stables in high school physical education class back in the day.  Our girls have always had a love of horses and thanks to Circle Square Ranch, they will have a week long one on one learning experience with these beautiful beasts, wrapping up the week showing us their skills with a mini rodeo the campers will put on.


Horseback riding is only one of the challenging new skills they will learn at overnight camp this year.  This camp will teaching them skills in kayaking, archery, wall climbing, BMX biking and offer daily fun with the usual camp activities like swimming, making crafts, campfires, group games and more.  Jealous.  Miss Priss and Squeakers don’t attend camp until next month but they have already started packing their bags; they are just a little excited. Snort.  Many camps offer a list of necessities to bring along to camp but there are a few additions depending on the type of camp your child is attending.


What to Pack (thanks to Circle Square Ranch):

* Sleeping bag and pillow and/or blanket

* Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, towel, etc.)

* One week of clothes for ALL kinds of weather!

* Rain coat & Boots

* Suitable foot-ware for all weather

* Modest swim suit

* Bible, note pad and pen

* Canteen spending money

* Riding Boots with a heel (camp specific)

* Bug spray, Sun screen, Hat

* OPTIONAL: camera, flashlight, bike helmet

* EXTRAS: Prescription medicines that your child cannot go without


Most camps request that any electronic devices like cell phones or expensive items like jewellery be left at home. Your child will be at camp to enjoy the wilderness of the outdoors and the togetherness of newfound  friendships and won’t have time for these items anyway.  I’m a huge believer in making time to “unplug” and enjoy the world around us; summer camp is the perfect place to get back to hands on learning and one on one connecting.


If you haven’t had the chance to sign your child up for camp yet, I encourage you to take a look at what Circle Square camps have to offer at their various locations across Canada; they may still have openings for this summer.


Disclosure:  I have not been compensated in any way for this post; all opinions are my own and that of This Lil Piglet.


2 comments on “Preparing for Summer Camp”

  1. They are going to have a blast!

    Inter-Varsity knows what they’re doing with those camps!! My nephew and niece have gone to Brantford Circle Square Ranch for years and LOVE it each time. They come home with such incredible memories that will last a life time!!

    • I think so. They are beyond excited for this camp. I’m happy they will be able to experience this camp; I know how important camp is in childhood for life skills and memories. My SIL went to Circle Square when she was young and still raves about it.

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