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#Purina 10K Feline Steven and Chris Designer Makeover Sweeps

Take a look around my blog and you know that I’m an animal lover of all kinds.  Growing up in the city we had the usual “pets” dogs, hamsters, fish, lizards and even a class rat for one summer; my mom really loved when I showed up with that one, let me tell you.  You hear people say they are a cat person or a dog person; I’m not going to side one way or the other but I will say that when I was growing up I had my favourite cats, two specifically that I was very fond of, Tang (which I tagged “Tank”) and Mercedes (I was going through a phase, don’t ask).  I would have done anything for Tank and Mercedes; they even had their own little sleeping nook with toys so they were always entertained. Had I had the money, I would have designed an entire room dedicated just to them.


Purina Friskies together with the famous designers Steven and Chris bring to you the chance to win a feline’s dream, a $10,000 room makeover dedicated to your feline friend AND a trip for a two night stay in Toronto, Ontario.  To enter, head over to for your chance to win; don’t forget, you can enter daily to increase your chances!


I know you’re passionate about your feline companion just like me and fellow animal lovers Steven and Chris.  Regardless of whether or not you win this fantastic makeover, Steven and Chris have put together a list of style tips with your Prince FuzzyBoots in mind….Ahem, I mean YOUR kitty in mind. 😉

1.  A Place For Your Cat to feel safe and secure – Provide your prince or princess with a bed in a private area or corner. Remember cats love soft textures, so look for cushions or throws that enhance the colour of your room.

2.  Perches: In high places but safe from harm. Purchase a stylish stool or bench for those older cats.

3.  To Scratch or Not to Scratch – Place scratch posts by couches and chairs, or anything else that may temp them. Keep scratch posts neutral colour so they blend in with your décor. A simple vertical scratch pad can be made out of left over carpeting.

4.  Indoor Entertainment –

>> Place a couch, chair, perch or shelf in front of a window so they can watch the world around them.

>> To keep them active indoors use toys to encourage your cat to stalk and pounce, or chase.

>> Toys don’t have to be expensive! Designer gift bags or pretty wrapping can also give your cat hours of fun.

>> Hide treats or food in unusual places to encourage hunting and foraging and keep kitty on alert.

5.  Where’s the ladies room – Cats are fastidious about having a clean litter box, so be sure to scoop it daily and wash it out once a week, with soap and water. If the litter box is in an area where it is readily seen, you can make it look nice by putting a flat, non-lumpy, carpet underneath it.

6.  Dinner is Served – For cat snacks provide your cat with cat grass or cat nip to nibble on. Make it aesthetically pleasing but placing in a pretty planter.  There are great place mats (plastic and fabric) on the market that can be used under your cat’s food and water bowls. And you don’t have to stick to pet food store dishes either.. Many human bowls and small plates that are decorative can be used.


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