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T-Fal 2 in 1 Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer Review

Admittedly my 2 year old should not still be drinking out of bottles but I cannot bring myself to take them away from her quite yet.  She’s had these bottles and pacifiers for awhile now and they never seem to look clean enough which makes me worry that the bacteria hasn’t all been eliminated.  The best way to ensure your bottles have no bacteria left behind is by steam cleaning.  The T-Fal 2 in 1 Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer  puts your mind at ease and ensures the bottles you put in your baby’s mouth are the right temperature and free from bacteria each and every time.

The main thing I loved about this baby appliance was that it was a dual action product that you can run at the same time.  Most products on the market do not offer more than one action.  T-fal teamed up with Disney to bring you this bottle steamer and warmer in Winnie the Pooh fashion that all little ones can adore.  Every mom knows how important time is when you have a hungry baby waiting for a warm bottle; the steamer and warmer run for a short period of time, 6.5 minutes for the steamer and only 3 minutes to warm an 8 oz. bottle.  With use of the added ring jar holder the warmer accommodates all sizes of bottles and baby food jars.    A hidden drawer on the side of the appliance holds tweezers to pick up hot bottle accessories from the steamer and the measuring cup for water needed to add to the steamer or warmer to allow peak performance, all to be easily stored with the appliance when not in use.


Being a busy mom of 4 kiddos, nothing irritates me more than waiting around; for this reason the automatic shut off feature is a recommended feature.  Warming bottles in hot water is frustratingly slow; the warming function of this appliance guarantees the right temperature without hot spots in half the time.  Overall I found the  steamer to be extremely efficient at sterilizing and warming my daughters bottles and pacifiers with little time. If you are looking for a baby appliance to save you time, especially as a new mom, the T-Fal 2 in 1 Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer is an excellent choice purchase.





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