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Year Round Picnic Ideas and Giveaway

Picnics are a favourite bonding activity for us, whether it’s the whole family or a romantic picnic for Hubs and I.  Food and location create the mood for the picnic; the company and details are what make it memorable.  Picnics do not need to be only planned for the summer months or for certain picnic friendly locations; be creative and you will enjoy picnics throughout the year.  

We enjoyed the Broccoli, Chicken & Pesto Rotini Salad and Honey Salsa Chicken & Spinach Wraps on our summer picnic outing and dipped chocolate soft serve ice cream cones for dessert from the local river park confectionary.


Our Picnic…

Year round picnic ideas:


1. Back to school picnic – If your child normally stays at school for lunch or it’s a shorter lunch hour, pack a lunch and enjoy it in the school playground area or a nearby park.

2. Keep active – If your daily routine entails a walk or run, take a long a backpack with a mini picnic and ask a friend to join you for a little re-energizing picnic in the grass afterwards before you go about the rest of your busy day.

3. Go on a date – These days most of us lead busy lives and sometimes our weekly or even monthly date nights dwindle.  A thoughtful picnic for two will add a little peace to your hectic lives and allow for some much needed partner time.

4. Have a rainy day picnic – Whether the power is out or the weather just isn’t cooperating, take advantage of it for a little candle lit picnic for the whole family. Use it as a chance to spark a little more open conversation between family members.


One thing I love about picnics is that you are taking an outing with your family that isn’t going to cost you anything other than the food you already would be feeding your family.  Change up the scenery, the activities and food and you will be sure to enjoy picnics throughout the year, like we do.  For recipe ideas, check out Chicken Farmers of Canada’s recipe section for many deliciously healthy recipes the whole family will love.


************GIVEAWAY ALERT************

This Lil Piglet, together with Chicken Farmers of Canada is giving away a Picnic cooler seat AND a set of 4 chicken bowls to one lucky Canadian winner; enter in the Rafflecopter form below.
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I am participating in the Chicken Farmers of Canada program by ShesConnected.  I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


46 comments on “Year Round Picnic Ideas and Giveaway”

  1. Spending time with the family and enjoying the outdoors!

  2. I’m sorry I just read that this giveaway is for Canadian members 🙁 I’m not a Canadian member.

  3. I love eating outdoors and the kids are able to run after eating.

  4. Simply being outdoors

  5. I love doing everything outdoors, including eating.

  6. My favorite thing is to spend time in the great outdoors and be with friends and enjoy a variety of goods.

  7. The best part of a picnic is the casual time spent with good company outdoors. Being in nature and enjoying a simple meal is fun!

  8. Laying in the sun is the best part of having a picnic.

  9. My favorite thing is talking with the kids and my hubby with no tv, computer or anything like that

  10. My favorite things about picnics are being outside and the running around and playing that accompanies the picnic.

  11. i like that the family gets together to have fun

  12. Eating with family in the fresh air.

  13. I love enjoying the warm weather & being outdoors. Picnics are fantastic, ants & all!

  14. My favourite thing about picnics is the outdoors, the time spent with family and friends.

  15. Eating in the fresh air

  16. My favorite is all the food and enjoying time with my family.
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  17. My favorite part is spending time with my family

  18. just love being outside

  19. We always go hiking in the rockies carrying a big picnic to eat at the end of the trail. Great atmosphere and a lovely view.

  20. You can invite groups of friends and have everyone do potluck and it is a fun affordable family outing.

  21. My favourite thing about picnics is quite simply spending time with family and friends. That’s what picnics are all about.

  22. Just sitting in the sun with nature and the people I love, and the food always taste’s better! I find it relaxing.

  23. My favorite thing is the quality time spent together!

  24. love the fresh air, cold chicken/potato salad, flying kites/playing with beach
    balls, etc.

  25. I love the fact that picnics are always a family outing!

  26. my favourite thing about picnics is enjoying the fresh air

  27. being outside with friends and family

  28. being outdoors and sitting on grass, plus picnic food is usually more fresh and seems more enjoyable

  29. The fresh air, the time spent together, the food!

  30. fav thing. playing games after eating

  31. I love being outside and having family time away from all electronics! 🙂

  32. I love playing games with my kids, having a snack ,just spending time together as a family!

  33. I love being outdoors

  34. It’s a time to spend together as a family.

  35. I like the food!

  36. I love that they usuallyt involve doing something active as a family, like a hike or a game of frisbee

  37. Being outside and having BBQ food

  38. being outdoors and getting some fresh air

  39. Being outdoors on a nice sunny day with the family

  40. I like that picnics are away from the normal electronics of daily life and back into nature.

  41. I love picnics, just being outside and just listening to nature.

  42. Spending time with family, friends, food and the outdoors!

  43. I love picnics! It’s great to eat outdoors – we usually go to the mountains. Very fresh!

  44. we love taking our 4 year old grandson on picnics…he loves them! and loves to be outside!

  45. Being with family and potato salad!

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