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Back to School and Settling in

My kids have been back to school for a week now and seem to be settling in just fine.  Hollywood was especially nervous about returning, although eagerly awaiting the start of his high school experience.  As old as he seems to be these days, his nervousness reminded me of the first day of elementary school.  Catching the bus is a new experience for him; no more relying on good ol’ mama to be his personal taxi, ha!  The truth is, I could drive him to his school since I have to drive my girls in from the farm to their school anyway  BUT it’s all about teaching him responsibility and independence.  I think he enjoys doing his own thing and not having to wait for his sisters to be ready.  


We had a few hiccups by the end of the week but I think it had a lot to do with the kids getting used to their school routines again and being tired.  They seem to think they deserve later bedtimes however can’t get their behinds out of bed in the morning with the ones they’ve got, mmm-hmm.

Baby Girl was ready for school too and was awfully upset when she was told she wasn’t old enough for school yet.  She looks up to her siblings terribly and to see her sad when they left her for school the first day really tugged at my heart.  Fortunately I have been planning a little home schooling activities to do while the kids are away at school to make her feel like she’s not left out.


How did your first week back to school go with your kids?  Are they having a hard time adjusting or are you?


2 comments on “Back to School and Settling in”

  1. My kids First week went beautifully. They have been back in school for a month now. I’m glad your kids first week went well

  2. First day jitter….just natural. The kids look good though.

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