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Make the Drop Recycle Batteries AND G1VEAWAY

The impact on environment is something I am always passionate about.  We have personally made changes in our lives to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment for future generations, including some major things like building our own home with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind.  Reducing your carbon footprint can start with small things that make a big impact, like recycling used products and goods from your daily life.  Our kids have always been avid recyclers with school programs and literature in place to teach the importance of preserving our most prized gift, the environment.  Throughout the summer our kids have continued their regular recycling and sustainable living routines.  Now that they are about to go back to school with new school supplies, daily alarm clocks ringing and lunchbox meals to contend with; it’s even more important to reiterate the importance of recycling and programs that are in place to assist you, like the Ontario based program called Orange Drop.


Every year consumers use batteries for numerous products from flashlights to remote control cars for the kids after which many people just hang onto the used batteries because they don’t know what to do with them or just toss them in the trash.  The reality is that batteries have many harsh chemicals, such as mercury, lead and cadmium, that when placed in our landfills can seep into the group and further contaminate our drinking water, harming people, animals and the environment.


Used batteries have many useful materials that can be recovered and reused to produce new products or goods.  In fact, it is much more efficient to recycle metals from used single cell batteries than mine it from the ground and recycling won’t deplete our resources.  The truth is that used single use batteries still have life in them; they can easily be recycled conveniently at any of the 2,000 not-for-profit Make the Drop locations across Ontario and more being added every week.  This back to school season, have “the talk” with your kids, the recycle talk.  Changing the effect we have on our environment for future generations starts with you; start small and you will be surprised at how easy reducing, reusing and recycling will be in your daily life but the huge impact your actions will have on the environment.  Make the Drop today!

***********GIVEAWAY ALERT***********

Don’t forget to recycle those batteries with Make the Drop!  This Lil Piglet, together with Orange Drop, is giving away a back to school pack to one lucky Canadian winner including:

·         Wireless keyboard/mouse/alarm clock

·         Portable, mini speakers

·         Family pack of eco-friendly batteries

·         Kid friendly watch

·         Play and learn toy
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  1. We try to keep our use of products with packaging to a minimum and recycle the packaging and any bottles that we do end up using.

  2. We keep a bin in our kitchen and all paper, cardboard, plastics, metal and glass that can be recycled go into it and then are sorted into other bins in the garage for weekly pick up.

  3. We recycle our cans and bottles by bringing them to the recycling depot. The kids love it because they get to keep the deposit money!

  4. We recycle anything that can be recycled including our fruit/vegetable waste which is composted.

  5. I recycle the following items weekly newspaper cardboard milk jugs and much more

  6. We recycle every bit of paper, plastic, glass and tin that we can!

  7. Paper, plastic, compost, reuse milk bags for dirty at litter, reuse bread bags for dirty diapers (when on the go). I love to find new ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  8. We take part in the city’s recycling program and even collect a few things the city doesn’t collect that are outside the boundaries for special collections including batteries, the odd grocery bag and milk bags.

  9. Recycle pick up is every week, we recycle paper,cardboard, glass containers, plastic containers….etc..

  10. we recycle our cans and bottles and repurpose the ones we can into holders in the house/garage. bread crusts go to the birds, and anthything that can get crafted does with a 5 yr old in the house! LOL

  11. we recycle all paper and metal products debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  12. We recycle cans and plastics into one container and cardboard and paper into another.

    silvernen2000 at yahoo dot com

  13. My city (Windsor) has a blue box for bottles, jars, cans and many kinds of plastic as well as a red box for paper, fiber board (cereal boxes and egg cartons)and cardboard. We use brown bags for yard waste except grass. There is a depot where we can bring small appliances and hazardous waste including batteries and florescent bulbs. There are many places that will take electronics. There are also several places to bring stuff that is still usable.
    My only problem is that I have so many half-filled boxes preparing to be moved out 😉

  14. I live in the city and we have a recycle day pickup. I just fill the container, and they pick it up, easy!

  15. We always recycle our printer cartridges and soda cans and bottles.

  16. We recycle all cans, bottles, paper, cardboard, everything is either recycled or put in the green bin, we went from 3 garbage cans weekly to less than 1 weekly and it feels good

  17. First I make sure that what I buy has as little packaging as possible to reduce, and I recycle everything I can into our big blue bin. I am still working on getting a composter going though.

  18. we do all the usual, plastic and carboard and cans etc but we also do electonics too

  19. We have a fantastic recycling program in our town. We are given separate bins for plastic,paper,coardboard,tins, and food scraps. I take my batteries back to a local electronics business and any beverage containers to my local bottle depot.

  20. We make sure to put all paper, plastic and metal cans in our recycling bins. We use the back side of papers when we need to make our grocery lists.

  21. We recycle all cans and bottles by taking to the recycling depot (the refund deposit is used for treats). All paper, plastic , metal and cardboard go into the recycle bags/bin for weekly pickups

  22. In our house we practice the 3 Rs: Reduce,Reuse, Recycle. We reduce the amount of packaging when buying things as well as reducing consumption of goods that are disposable. We reuse as much as possible. I’m married to a frugal farmer whose mother reuses EVERYTHING. She’s actually quite genius in coming up with practical uses for things most people would trhow away. For ex: the plastic bread tabs, she uses those to scrape/clean dishes. Milk bags, she uses those to store things in (after she has thoroughly washed them). As for recycling, we bring our glass, metal, and plastics to the recycling depot.

  23. All bottles are returned and garbage is collected in 3 streams in our city – garbage, recyclables and compost.

  24. weekly newspaper recycling. reusing glass jars for leftovers.

  25. Recycling is part of our daily routine. Daily we separate the plastics, cans, and compost and dispose of them in the appropriate containers. We strive to eliminate household waste.

  26. We use rechargable batteries for everything.

  27. we have 2 recycle bins that we put recyclables into

  28. We recycle all our cans,juice packs,drink bottles,etc..

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  29. I use the blue box to recycle anything my city will take and I take my dead batteries to Ikea to recycle. They have a drop off box there.

  30. I recycle alot of stuff I use!Batteries,Ink cartridges, paper, plastic, card board,etc..,.

  31. We recycle cans, bottles, newspaper and cardboard. We take the cans and bottles to the recycling center and we drop the newspaper and cardboard off at the mall recycling containers.

  32. I make a desperate attempt to recycle everything possible!
    Be it old computer equipment, paper products, many kinds of
    plastics, etc…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  33. I have the largest available recycling bin outside the back door (kitchen door) where I drop all my recyclables into it.

  34. We recycle everything we can, my incentive is the animals on earht I am an animal and wildlife lover and will fight and do what it takes to make their time here a bit better, so plastic if we have to buy it goes to the plastic recycle plant, also papers, bottles, cans all go back.Clothes go to goodwill etc:)

  35. We compost, and recycle all paper and bottles

  36. We recycle our cans and bottles by bringing them to the recycling depot; also the milk jugs

  37. We keep a bin and toss all of the items that can be recycled in it.Once a week it is picked up when they grab our garbage

  38. we have seperate bins for recycling paper products, and another for recycling metal and plastics. it makes a huge difference and there is little to none ‘garbage’ anymore.

  39. I donate gently used clothing to charity and I also shop at thrift stores. It saves money and keeps items out of the landfill.

  40. We are constantly recycling plastics, bags, cardboard, glass and etc… We now only have a small grocery bag of garbage every week for a large family of 6:)

  41. We recycle cans,juice boxes, bottles etc..

  42. I recently bought 2 new ‘blue boxes’ to recycle paper in one and cans/plastic in the other. I had one large one but gave it to a friend because it simply took up too much room. These smaller ones are easy to pick up and take out to the community bin on a daily basis. London Drugs accept batteries to recycle. I never knew what to do with all of the AAA batteries that I use. I have a little plastic bin for these and whenever I shop at London Drugs I just pop them in a bag and take them with me.

  43. I recycle aluminum and steel.

  44. Many ways- I am an avid composter- browns and greens go out- metal is recycled, cans recycled almost everything that can be reused or repurposed is!

  45. we recycle all pastic, glass, paper & metal

  46. We recycle aluminum, plastic, and paper using Paper Retriever!

  47. we have a green bin! we put our food scraps in there

  48. We recycle everything possible even our food waste

  49. I recycle paper

  50. We recycle almost everything we can now. We have really been trying not have to recycle so much by reducing our consumption on certain things. We use reusable bags when shopping now so we don’t have to recycle plastic bags.

  51. I recycle all plastic, glass and metal daily.

  52. We do a lot of things – everything goes into the recycling bag in our town. And for the bigger or odd ball things that they don’t accept, we take them to the depots (batteries, oil, etc)!

  53. Everyone knows to put the correct items in their respective bins (i.e. Green, Blue, Garbage). We also bring used kids clothing for donation and try our best to re-use old t-shirts as cloths.

  54. anything that can go in the blue or grey box, does!

  55. We recycle what we can (papers, drink containers, glass, plastic). My area is horrible for the recycling services. We don’t have bins or pick ups, etc. We can’t recycle cardboard.

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