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Teacup Micro Pig Joins the This Lil Piglet Farm

We had no intentions of getting another pig but lately we have become a refuge for animals.  I am not really a pig person, although I can’t say I’ve ever really thought about it in those terms, but that is irrelevant.  I can tell you that after having this little, and I mean little, teacup/micro pig around the farm, we have all become very found of him.  What I am not found of is how LOUD he squeals; you wouldn’t believe the voice-box on this petite little being.  blink  I believe it’s just a nervous thing and after time, he’ll get used to use handling him…hopefully.


Although we have the space on the farm and we don’t mind taking these “pets”, it is extra work for us too.  Unfortunately too often people do not realize that they are not allowed by their city bylaws to inhabit these types of animals within city limits.  This was the circumstance in our new teacup pigs case.  We have become quite attached to him however; even Baby Girl is enjoying her morning strolls with her new pal.

Our even newer additions are 5 baby kittens, one shown here at 2 days old.  The kids are more than ecstatic.  One thing we are still waiting for is lambing; we have 3 ewes that are potentially due by the end of September.   We’re hoping for 3 sets of twins!

Any new additions to your households?

4 comments on “Teacup Micro Pig Joins the This Lil Piglet Farm”

  1. adorable! We only had one cria born this spring. I love farm babies. Maybe we will get better at this whole farming thing and have better luck next year.

  2. SO cute! You’re making me want to add more animals to our wanna be farm. That pig looks so cute!

    • He is so cute; he’s going to be a celebrity on Monday after I take him for show and tell and my daughters school. lol We need chickens like you. My eldest daughter said she’d “take care of business” when it’s time to…well you know. 😉 But seriously sheep are super easy to care for and very affectionate, ours like their bellies rubbed. Our pot belly pigs like theirs rubbed too but they actually fall over…fainting pigs? lmao

  3. So cute. You have a very cute pig. I am happy to know that you are having a little farm for your pig and it is very cute.

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