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Pumpkin Carving with #Disney

We were busy carving pumpkins last night because we knew that today would be busy taking our little ghouls on the town tomorrow night. Actually I cannot take any credit for the actual carving of the pumpkins; Hubs carved these two pumpkins, Vampire Mickey Mouse and Jack Skellington, for the girls. He had his own idea of the perfect carving tools which consisted of a ice cream scoop for digging out the pulp and a Roto Zip to carve out these Disney stencils and although watching him had me giggling, I think they turned out fantastic. What do you think?


If you are looking for some great Disney stencil ideas to use today; print out a couple stencil designs from Disney. Oh and what did I do while the pumpkin carving was going on? I baked the pumpkin seeds of course for my little worker bees to snack on.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are those of This Lil Piglet; all media materials is use with permission from Disney.


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  1. I think they look awesome!!!!

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