This Lil Piglet

This Lil Piglet and Counting Five Lil Piglets

This Lil Piglet has been busy building; we recently had our 20 week ultrasound to confirm this little bean is healthy. Up until the ultrasound parents always worry about the health of the baby, the what if’s. I am now 24 weeks and happy to announce that we will be adding a second boy to our family and a baby brother to 3 sisters. All of the This Lil Piglet household couldn’t be more happy and eager to meet this last addition.


I will be featuring a maternity series from fertility and conception to birth and post-partum that I hope will encourage you to read along.


Blessings from the This Lil Piglet crew!

One comment on “This Lil Piglet and Counting Five Lil Piglets”

  1. Oh Stacey he’s simply lovely in all his black and white womb glory….funny he’s looking a bit like a Julian to me….hmmmm

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