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#DIY Snowy Tree Mason Jars #Tutorial

This is so easy that I’m almost embarrassed to indicate this as a “tutorial”.  This DIY project cost me $2; I had everything at home that I needed besides the craft trees.  This is such a great way to use canning jars for shabby chique Christmas decor on a budget.  For the jars that I used, the mouth narrowed in so I could only fit one larger tree in nicely. Had I had the large mouth jars it would have been nice to fit a large and smaller tree in the jar but I think a single tree looks just as nice.


Mason Jars

Craft Trees (all green, snow tipped or snow covered white trees) – I found these at the dollar store

Loose craft snow or course salt (I used course salt that I had at home)

Hot glue gun/glue


1. Take the lid and seal off the clean jar. Using the hot glue gun put a dab of glue in the center of the inside of the seal/lid and quickly push the base of the tree onto the glue to secure the craft tree in place,, hold in place until the glue dries. Glue it slightly to the side, if you are using two trees in your jars.  For the smaller jar, I used wire cutters to cut the plastic base of the tree off in order for the small craft tree to fit in the jar and glued the bottom of the tree directly to the lid/seal.

2. Fill the upright jar just under 1/4  full of loose craft snow or course salt.

3. Using your hot glue gun, put a ring of glue on the inside edge of the seal, flip upside down, insert the tree into the jar centering the seal on the jar before tightening the lid into place.  Allow the glue time to dry before turning the jar over to avoid the craft snow/salt to stick to the glue.

* You can skip step 3 if you plan on reusing your jars, just tighten securely to avoid any spillage and replace the seals at canning time.  I glued the jars shut to avoid curious hands spilling the salt.

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7 comments on “#DIY Snowy Tree Mason Jars #Tutorial”

  1. Super cute. I am definitely going to have to buy a hot glue gun. I love easy crafts!

    • Easy crafts are what I’m all about. lol One of my friends mentioned they wanted to do a palm tree version with sand and seashells for those who vacation at a hot spot during the winter. Cute idea!

  2. Oh how cute and super easy. I’m ashamed to stay that I didn’t think of this craft myself.

  3. I’m getting ready for Christmas 2013 and these are great instructions. Thank you!

  4. I was looking for an easy Christmas craft to do with my daughter…this is perfect and so easy…already have most of the ingredients at home!

  5. Thank you so much, I love these. I actually just ordered one online that hangs, and yep, when it came it was broke. WEll, now I will just make my own. Thanks for sharing!

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