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I love the holidays almost as much as the kids. Of course their reasons might be a little different than mine but I can honestly say that I enjoy seeing what my little ones come up with on their Christmas wish lists; there’s always at least one item listed that makes me giggle.  This year my 11 year old, Miss Priss, wrote “blinds” on her list which for anyone that doesn’t know, we haven’t quite got around to purchasing window coverings for our home; I suppose this was her way of telling us that she would like us to get on with it already.


My youngest LO, Baby Girl, is a little less modest; at the age of 2.5 years she LOVES technology and often plays game apps on one of our iPhones, clothing optional. *cough* Such is the life of a toddler.  I find it interesting to watch how easily she can maneuver between games, screens and controls; it’s obvious she has her own app preferences.  For a little guidance this year, check out LeapFrog’s Gift Guide, follow on Twitter and Facebook.

This Christmas we decided the LeapsterGS would be the perfect gift for Baby Girl.  With her love for technology and her clear understanding of learning apps she will choose her list of favourite apps in no time.  Based on my experience with her app choices on my iPhone, these are the top 5 age appropriate apps I feel would be a great fit with her new LeapsterGS:


Disney·Pixar Finding Nemo: Reef Builder

Ages 3-5

Swim the seas with Nemo and Crush to help build your reef! Go on a knowledge-building adventure to collect marine life and help populate five reef habitats. From sea anemone to manta rays, learn about more than 20 underwater plants and animals on your journey. Along the way, meet up with friends Squirt, Pearl, Sheldon and Tad to gather as many sand dollars as possible. Once you’re back at the reef, use matching and counting skills to arrange what you’ve collected on your travels and make new visitors feel at home. The more the reefs grow, the more friends will want to join in the fun!


Ages 3-6

Team up with Molly, Gil and their famous fairytale friends in this underwater adventure. Help undo a witch’s mean green spell to save Bubble Puppy and everyone in Enchanted Forest. Then, join the Guppies as they head for Big Bubble City to celebrate the Shrimptennial Fireworks Celebration atop Big Bubble building! (68-minute video)

Included episodes: Super Shrimptennial Celebration!, Bubble Puppy’s Fin-tastic Fairy Tale.

When their magical toy car whisks Scout, Violet, Eli and Penny away to Phonics Farm, ABC antics ensue. Join the friends as they get in shape with an athletic alligator, console a sad seal, converse with a high-pitched horse and plenty more farm-style fun! (35-minute video)


Ages 3-5

Discover numbers, shapes and pirate treasure on a mathematics adventure with Jake and his friends!  • Solve puzzles to find clues and pirate treasure. • Match shapes to help Bucky get ship shape! • Pop number bubbles to keep treasure from Captain Hook. • Teaches number recognition, geometric shapes, counting, sorting and classifying.


Ages 3-5
Welcome Rapunzel into the Disney Princess family with this special music collection. Each celebratory song showcases the Disney princesses’ positive attributes: kindness, unconditional love and endless dreams.


From now until December 18th, save 15% on all orders of over $50 by using the code HAPPYHOLLLYCA at checkout and FREE shipping on ALL orders of $60.  Amazing savings for a LeapFrog learning kind of Christmas.



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