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Rice Krispie Treats Christmas Ideas with #Kelloggers

This recipe uses the regular Rice Krispie Treats recipe, just like on the box; the fun part was seeing what ideas I would come up with during this Christmas challenge.  

Luckily I had fondant already in my pantry but you can buy some from your local cake or bulk store already premade in white.  I used the gel food colouring to work into the fondant the colour shade I wanted, leaving white for some trim.  The cookie cutters weren’t thick enough to cute through the Rice Krispie treats but what I did was cute out the shapes in the fondant with the cookie cutters first, laid the shapes on the Rice Krispie treats and then used a shape knife that I sprayed with Pam to avoid sticking to cut around the fondant shapes.  Once I had all the shapes cut out, I used some of the edible sparkle gel to keep the fondant securely in place, to trim the shapes and to write the words of Christmas .  I used the end of the stocking cookie cutter to cut the white trim and secured them in place with sparkle gel but you could also use white icing. The only bad thing I see about using the gel is that it doesn’t harden completely which makes it difficult for storing or wrapping; I froze mine before packing and it seemed to help.

All in all, I had a lot of fun getting my Christmas creative on and enjoyed a little time with my daughters in the process which is the best part.  If you like the treats I created, I would love if you would pin the image to your Pinterest board. 🙂

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