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Ways to Increase #Fertility

If you are thinking about or trying to conceive, diet, health, sleep patterns, environmental conditions and stress can all be factors in reproductive health and conception success.  Most couples trying to conceive (TTC) are already conscious about how their lifestyles may change once they make the decision to expand their family.  If you are having difficulty TTC realize there are more factors than one might think to ensuring you are at your best reproductive health both within and without your control.


Tips to increase your chances of conceiving:


>> Health – Regular exercise, prenatal vitamins and the overall health of you and your partner should be considered.  Being over or under-weight can keep you from being able to acheive regular cycles and conceiving . 


>> Diet – Obviously alcohol and drugs, even most over the counter or prescription medications need to be avoided during pregnancy but certain foods should also be avoided, like Tuna due to high mercury content.  The food health guide suggests we eat well balanced meals and snacks each day from the five food groups but most of us don’t eat regular healthy meals.   Prior to TTC prenatal vitamins, especially Folic Acid, should be taken to ensure healthy intake of nutrients that your meals may not have given you and your baby will need to develop.  Before you even realize you are pregnant the crucial developmental period of your little bean will be partially developed; this is why it is so important to care for yourself ahead as if you were already pregnant.


>> Sleep and Stress – Like with many other things, sleep deprivation and stress can reap havoc on a persons health. Many health conditions arise from these two reasons.  Sleep isn’t always easy to come by if you already have children in the home but if you are TTC, now is as good a time as any to start working towards a better night time routine for everyone; you’ll notice your need for sleep in the first months of pregnancy.  Finances are often a big cause of stress; if you are TTC, make sure you plan out whether or not you will be financially stable once the baby is born.  Combined with the sleep deprivation that comes along with a newborn, you could end up short on patience when your energy is best spent on your new family unit.


>> Environmental – Work hazards, recreation choices and chemicals are all concerns when TTC.  Depending on the circumstances, you may have to make adjustments to accommodate a pregnancy.  Chemicals are an obvious avoidance during pregnancy but some couples don’t know that some regular recreational enjoyments, like stints in a hot tub, can actually decrease fertility and reduce your chances of conceiving, especially for your male partner.


Most often couples who are TTC are already taking care of their health without even thinking about it but taking care of both yours and your partners health is more than just a trip to the Doctor.  With healthy food choices and a bit of a lifestyle change, you will increase your chances of conceiving and give your little embryo the best chance to fully develop.



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