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Winter Car Supplies Not to Go Without @FordCanada

If you live in a colder province like I do, it’s common sense to make sure you pack a winter supply kit in the trunk of your car for the winter. Maintaining your vehicle throughout the year, especially before extreme conditions hit, is definitely a no-brainer but even vehicles in tip-top shape can be left stranded with their drivers and/or passengers in some of the worst weather due to unforeseen circumstances. This year Ford Canada has provided a list of winter car supplies not to go without:


>> Ice scraper and brush
>> Flashlight with extra batteries
>> Several blankets
>> Warm clothes, gloves and a pair of boots (handy if you get stuck)
>> Small shovel
>> Jumper cables
>> Brightly colored cloth (to use as a flag)
>> Snack food
>> Cell phone
>> Kitty litter (use under tires for traction)


Disclosure: I work with Ford Canada on reviews; I have not been paid for this post. All opinions are 100% those of This Lil Piglet.


One comment on “Winter Car Supplies Not to Go Without @FordCanada”

  1. Oh my gosh, those weather conditions look BRUTAL to drive in! I’m so glad I live in sunny California, where it rarely, if never snows! I wish you and your family SAFE travels!

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