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Fisher Price Dora Boots Stroller Set Review and Giveaway

Baby Girl is turning 3 in May and expecting a baby brother in March which has been making me a little nervous to have two in diapers again.  Up until last week Baby girl has been extremely stubborn about potty training with zero interest to go near the potty, even though most readiness signs are there.  I decided to dedicate the week to stay at home with Baby Girl and make it happen. Admittedly I expected things not to go well but after a little research, I found another moms blog post over at Growing a Jewelled Rose called “How I Potty Trained my Daughter in 3 Days!” and figured if this mom could do it, so could I. It’s not like I haven’t potty trained before, right?


Using a sticker/reward system, gathering a few smaller prizes and her BIG prize before we started was part of the success of the potty training. Baby Girl could see what she would receive if she went on the potty instead of in her pants.  Being a huge fan of Dora the Explorer, I could see the excitement building the closer she made it to the end goal of her BIG prize, a new Fisher Price Dora and Boots Stroller Set toddler toy.


I’m the map, I’m the map…songs rang out when she realized a map and storybook were included in her Dora and Boots Stroller set.  She loved pushing Boots in the little stroller and being able to take a softer version of Dora to bed at night with her.  She insisted that I read the mini-storybook to her baby Boots repeatedly, just as I would read to her, a mommy taking good care of her baby.  With the price point only being $19.99 retail for ages 2-5, it was a very reasonable reward for this milestone.  Additionally I took the opportunity to teach her the importance of being gentle with baby boots in preparation for her baby brothers arrival in March.


Enter for a chance to win a Dora and Boots Stroller Set in the form below; open to Canadians only.

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46 comments on “Fisher Price Dora Boots Stroller Set Review and Giveaway”

  1. My granddaughter loves Dora

  2. Live Dora for my granddaughters!

  3. We love Dora!


  4. Definitely Dora!!!

  5. My daughter just loves Dora!!!

  6. Both my girlS

  7. My niece loves Dora the best, but I like Diego.

  8. Dora is the favorite here

  9. They all drive me crazy, but my son loves them. Swiper is the favorite! NO SWIPING!

  10. boots is our favorite!

  11. My daughter loves Dora

  12. Boots is my child’s favorite character!

  13. My granddaughters love Dora I’d say but also really like Boots as well.

  14. Boots is the fave around here.

  15. my daughter likes rapunzel the best
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  16. We love Boots!

  17. My niece loves Boots!

  18. My daughter’s favourite is Dora herself.

  19. My daughter loves Dora

  20. We have a boots lover in our home.

  21. My daughter has always loved Dora the most although sometimes she says Boots is her favorite too:)

  22. Boots!

  23. Definitely Dora all the way.

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  24. swiper

  25. My daughter likes Dora.

  26. My daughter likes Boots!

  27. My son loved Dora when he was small.

  28. She loves Dora

  29. my niece loves Boots!

  30. dora!! but i like swiper… i like seeing what mischief he creates

  31. My children both love Dora the most.

  32. We all like Swiper.

  33. She loves Dora

  34. We love Dora!

  35. The Map

  36. definitely dora!

  37. My grandchildren love Dora!

  38. Dora and Diego!

  39. swiper is my girlfriends daughters favorite!

  40. My boys vote for Diego but I like boots

  41. Miss R loves monkeys and in particular Boots!

  42. My kids love Dora!

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