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Give the Lunch Box Punch with Snack Pack Giveaway

Around this time of year, I think we all get bored with the Lunch Box; either I’m running out of ideas or the kids are bored of the same old ideas in their school lunch each day.  I strive to make their lunches fun, exciting and even a little surprising now and then, just a little way for me to remind my kids I love them each day.  I love that no matter what kind of day they are having, a simple packed lunch can put a smile on their face.  Overall I pack their lunches to meet the needs of all food groups but I do not forget a little treat now and then, like their favourite pudding cup flavours from Snack Pack Canada.  It is rare that the kids every come back with leftovers or having traded lunch with another and trust me, Miss Priss, the Queen of rules, structure and right and wrong, would let me know.


Kids are creative with great imaginations and naturally love to play with their food; make your child’s lunch box fun with creative ideas.  Some ways I have encouraged my kids to play with their food are with celery sticks with Tapioca Pudding and raisins (ants on a bumpy log), grapes(rocks) to drop in chocolate pudding (mud), apples to dip in Butterscotch Caramel Pudding.. For other creative ideas to keep the lunch box exciting head over to the  Snack Pack Canada Facebook page.


The sandwich cutters made their sandwiches join the rest of their lunch in the excitement for a full scenery of creative play and on occasion I surprise my kids with little love notes to remind them how special they are.  For me the prep and cleanup is something I do not look forward to each day but these sectioned reusable containers make it easy for me to make the kids lunches fun with various lunch additions all in one container, offering less garbage, less chance of the children forgetting to bring containers home and only one dish to wash.


Tips for Creating a “No Tradesies” Lunch:

 1. Can’t get your kids to eat their fruit? Adding Snack Pack to the mix turns fruit into a tasty, dip-able adventure. Try the Caramel Apple, all it takes is some apple slices and a Toffee Caramel pudding.

2. Sandwich Shape-up: Even a favourite sandwich can seem boring and routine when it shows up in the lunchbox day after day. Keep things interesting and kids engaged by breaking out the cookie cutters and cutting the sandwiches into fun shapes.

3. Kebab it up: skewering some bite-sized veggies on a kebab with a side of veggie dip is a different and fun way to make sure veggies are not coming home at the end of the day.

4. Utensils are key: let your kids pick out their utensils, napkins and lunchboxes. They definitely won’t be reaching for the aluminum, and giving them a say means they will take pride in their lunch pack. Have bright, colourful spoons on hand so kids can choose whether it’s a yellow, blue or orange kind of day!


GIVEAWAY: Enter for your chance to win a Snack Pack “No Tradesies” prize pack in the form below, containing two delicious flavours of Snack Pack pudding, Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters, Happy Spoons, a mini portable travel speaker and a tote-able lunch bag consisting of a cooler bag and four leak-proof, compartmentalized food container, a $50 value. Open to Canadians.

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Disclosure – I am participating in the Snack Pack “No Tradesies” blog tour by enCompass Media on behalf of Con Agra Foods. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.


68 comments on “Give the Lunch Box Punch with Snack Pack Giveaway”

  1. probably a lunchable.

  2. I try to mix up their lunches and let my kids particpate with making them.

  3. You can’t beat pizza!

  4. Interesting shapes and colours.

  5. Get the kids to help pack their own lunch and make sure they have a treat

  6. Cute shaped sandwiches!

  7. sandwich and cookies and carrot sticks debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  8. to have your child help with the choosing of the snacks that go in his lunch. Since he helps he would never want to trade what he chose

  9. Pudding, fruit or different sandwiches/wrap/etc. to change it up!

  10. My daughter likes strawberries and chocolate pudding to dip her strawberries into. Sometimes I include a hard boiled egg and draw faces on them or add little notes to the outside of the egg. She also likes grapes and cut up carrots, celery and bite size cheese. Thank you for this nice giveaway


  11. Goldfish crackers

  12. Food cut into the first letter of their name.

  13. Pack a wide variety of colors and textures

  14. Lots of smaller items for variety!


  16. Food cut into animal shapes!

  17. Cookies – no one wants to trade cookies! 🙂

  18. anything hot, my daughter loves soup or kraft dinner in her thermos

  19. I let my daughter help prepare her lunch and we make sure we include a wide variety of things including one treat.

  20. Lots and lots of fruits.

  21. I pack my DD4’s lunches in a bento box with her cheese, fruit and sandwiches cut up in shapes with a cookie cutter.

  22. my kids get to choose one thing that they really want in their lunch along with the good stuff. Most of the time it is a healthy snack that they want in there.

  23. Anything that they will eat, honestly. My kids have become so picky when it comes to school.

  24. have the kids involved in making their lunch

  25. lunchables or goldfish crackers

  26. I love the idea of having them add in fruit to flavors that match it like chocolate for a chocolate fondue with a lot of different fruits.

  27. I use cookie cutters to shape their sandwiches.

  28. Making their sandwiches into different shapes!

  29. veggie sushi! the littles feel all sophisticated and worldly with their sushi and chopsticks!

  30. Fruit kebobs are a fun change for kids.

  31. lots of little containers containing surprises

  32. I usually had my kids help make their lunches so they got things they wanted

  33. Chocolate milk and pizza wins here

  34. Thermos lunches in the winter and cooler lunches in the summer.

  35. Grapes.

  36. My son loves it when I fry up some Naan bread and send some homemade Tzatziki to dip it into!

  37. I do theme lunches (e.g., foods that start with the letter A)

  38. My daughter loves those mini mandarines. We don’t buy them often so when we do, she holds on to them tight!

  39. I make up our own lunchmate style lunches. It’s always a hit.

  40. mini homemade pizzas!

  41. Get the kids to help pack their own lunch.

  42. Ingredients to make your own pizza. They love it.

  43. I try to make it interesting. I will buy different cartoon mould so that my daughter can have different character sandwiches. For once a week, I will let her pick what she wants in her lunch box

  44. using pudding to dip their fruit in

  45. let them have input and also help with putting the lunches together – also try to add in extra fruit for dipping in yogurt to ensure them eating both, making it a cool ‘combo’ seems to make it more attractive.

  46. What is your favourite lunch box idea for a no tradesies lunch?

    sanwiches are fine,but these are cool

  47. Try cutting fruits like cantaloupe with cookie cutter. Makes cute shapes.

  48. My kids like pizza pretzels in their lunches.

  49. use shapecutters and make their favorite tv character!

  50. when i go shopping i let the kids pick out their fav snack foods that way they eat it for sure!!

  51. My kids like to make kabob style bites, with ham, cheese, crackers, or fruit-themed, like watermelon, then grapes, then a pear chunk. Whatever’s in the fridge.

  52. What a cute lunch, fit for a queen 🙂

  53. a nice sandwich

  54. I like the kebob idea— fruit or veggies or a mix.

  55. My daughter likes to take Nutella with crackers

  56. My kids don’t need to take lunches anywhere but if they did I would probably send fresh cut fruit and veggies with dips.

  57. sub sandwiches, cookies and juice

  58. Packing a fun treat along with a healthy lunch

  59. Pizza means a no tradsies lunch for my kids

  60. veggies and dip

  61. I like fruit kabobs for a no trade lunch idea. It makes fruit fun for kids and easier to eat than just putting in a whole fruit.

  62. Anything dip-able is popular like baby carrots and cherry tomatoes with hummus and apple slices and yogurt, string cheese is also popular

  63. Let the kids choose what goes in it.

  64. my son is pretty boring,,lol,,so a bologna or cheese sandwich is sure to please! lol

  65. I like to make fun shapes, & colors with my kids food, they love it!

  66. My kids help me pack their lunches.

  67. Nutella sandwiches.

  68. Strawberries with yogurt to dip them in is my best idea for a lunch he won’t trade.

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