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Pregnancy New Year for Healthy Choices

Over the holidays I savored all the tasty foods I had prepared ahead for my company, including several appetizers, dainties and of course, the big meal.  In a span of 3 weeks I had gained 10 lbs. Normally this amount of weight in little time would be a concern but it seems brushed aside when you are pregnant.  For the most part I agree but the effects of poor eating take a tole and before long I was left ringing in 2013 with an overall desire for fresh produce, less fats, sodium and sugar.


Making healthy choices should be at the forefront of your maternity plan regardless of new year resolutions but we all fall off the wagon, especially with those weird pregnancy cravings that take their hold on us. For some higher risk pregnancy conditions it is even more important to take on a healthier eating approach, conditions like Pre-Eclampsia, Anemia and Gestational Diabetes.  Chicken Farmers of Canada has taken a dedicated approach this year to ensure recipes, tips and facts of healthy choices reach more people, men, women and children, with their Health Portal.


At 35 I know I cannot continue to rely on youth to get me by; with a family genetic history of heart disease and diabetes I have to be responsible for my own health and do what I can to stay healthy for myself and my family.  Making healthy choices  requires a plan; one which includes:



Creating a menu-plan enlists everyone in my family. Everyone has their own taste in foods and as the main cook, I take my role seriously when it comes to creating a routine of more healthy conscious recipes for dinner and lunch boxes.  Chicken is the perfect low-fat/high-protein ingredient to include in your healthy choices plan for the new year.  Some of my favourite recipes I will share with my family this year will be:


By this time into the new year, most people have either given up on their resolutions or created a routine; how is your health plan coming along?  If you’re looking for healthy recipes to help you stick to your plan, check out for some additions.  Head over to the Chicken Feeds Blog for some new year health tips and remember to sign up or their newsletter to keep updated on new recipes, information and tips.


Disclosure – I am participating in the Chicken Farmers of Canada Brand Ambassador program by ShesConnected.  I received compensation in exchange for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


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