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Top Maternity Must Have Essentials

At 31 weeks I’m at the point in my pregnancy where things just aren’t fitting right, my skin is feeling extra tight and itchy, the all around uncomfortable feeling has settled in for the long haul and my feet are non-existent, at least from my view point.  Having 9 weeks left I still have a long haul and for some reason I feel larger and less energetic than previous pregnancies.  Pregnancy is to be celebrated, although some women enjoy being pregnant much more than others there are ways to make yourself more comfortable with these top maternity must have essentials.



1. Proper fitting clothing – Tight fitting clothing may have been normal for you pre-pregnancy or even in the first couple months of pregnancy but you will soon notice your clothes becoming tighter and more uncomfortable with each week of pregnancy.  Your body is changing and making room for your miracle of growth inside your belly.  Maternity clothing is specifically made with the pregnant expanding body in mind and will give you room in all the right places without making you look sloppy, including enough length in your tops and expansion panels in pants, skirts or shorts to cover your belly. There are many maternity clothes to choose from that keep with the stylish trends of today, either casual, business or formal. 


Here are a couple of my favourite new styles from @ThymeCanada right now:


2. The right bra – Your girls will get larger, some women more than others, even if you do not plan to breastfeed your new baby and you will likely notice the change in your breasts from the first trimester with your bra becoming tighter and even some spillage.  Nearing the end of your pregnancy as your body prepares for your impending birth, your old bras will have become almost unbearably uncomfortable.  It is important to invest in a good bra for support of the extra weight on you back and shoulders.  Nearing the end of the pregnancy you will want to purchase a few good nursing bras, and again a few more after the baby arrives, to support the changes you have experienced and to make them conveniently usable afterwards for nursing, should you choose to do so.  There are even a few options available that provide a less bland, sexier style for those of you not willing to put your lace away, like the Soft-cup lace nursing bra available at Thyme Maternity.


3. Skincare – Your skin is an amazing membrane with the ability to stretch beyond normalcy in pregnancy and regain itself again without too much damage.  There are many products on the market to help pregnant moms reduce the look of stretch marks, moisturize hormonal itchy skin, sooth achy legs and assist in chapping brought on by nursing.  From previous experience my favourite skincare products I would not go without are the Soothing Therapy leg gel and the Soothing Therapy stretch mark cream.


4. Nursing pads – For some women, early lactation or leakage can be normal and require nursing pad inserts in their bra to prevent staining or embarrassing situations in public.  Personally I prefer re-usable nursing pads, like the Nursing pads pack of 4, to avoid unnecessary garbage and the added costs of replacements.


5. Tummy support – During pregnancy you may need a little added belly support to reduce back pain, like a Maternity back belt, or while sleeping to allow a more comfortable restful sleep.  I have trouble sleeping at night and cannot seem to get comfortable but since the miracle of finding my Wedge cushion I have a much better and more rested sleep.


6. Pampering – By the end of your second trimester you are back to feeling exhausted, uncomfortable and achy all over.  Take time for yourself with a little pampering before your baby arrives and you have even less time.  Ask your partner to massage your feet, soak in the tub (not too hot of course) or even pay for a qualified prenatal massage.  Enjoy your pregnant body while you can; soon your body will begin changing again once the baby is born and you regain your old body back.


Pregnancy is a beautiful life-changing experience where both body, mind and events should be celebrated.  Whether you are just beginning your pregnancy or you are almost at your due date, these must have maternity essentials will help you enjoy your pregnancy, allow you to keep your pre-pregnancy style without the cost of comfort and support you where you need it.


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