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ChromeBook Laptop Sweeps US/CAN


Welcome to the $250 Streaming ChromeBook Giveaway hosted by This Lil Piglet, Sober Julie and Simply Stacie, along with several other bloggers who made this giveaway possible! One lucky reader will win a Samsung ChromeBook laptop valued at $250 US.


This giveaway is open to US and Canada and ends March 7th at 12:00 am EST. Come back everyday for more chances to win by completing our daily entries! (Canada winner would receive a $250 gift card to



>> 11.6 inches Display
>> Samsung Exynos 5250
>> 2 USB Ports: 1 USB 3.0 + 1 USB 2.0, HDMI Port
>> Built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n


The New Samsung Chromebook

For Everyone. The Samsung Chromebook is a new computer that helps you get everyday things done faster and easier. It starts in seconds, has virus protection built-in, and runs your favorite Google apps plus thousands more. The Chromebook comes with leading Google products, like Search, Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts, so you can work, play, and do whatever you want, right out of the box.

You can easily share it with multiple people- switching accounts takes seconds, and everyone gets their own files, apps and settings. And it’s simple to use. There’s no setup, and your files are automatically backed up in the cloud. At just 2.4 pounds, 0.7 inches thin, and with over 6.5 hours of battery life, the Samsung Chromebook can go anywhere you go. It’s built to stay cool, so it doesn’t need a fan and runs silently. It also includes 100GB of free Google Drive storage (for 2 years), a built-in webcam, and dual band Wi-Fi to make it easy to connect to wireless networks.

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15 comments on “ChromeBook Laptop Sweeps US/CAN”

  1. I would love to win because our current computer is 5 years old

  2. I would like to win this for a computer for my grandkids for school.

  3. would LOVE because all I have in a giant desktop and I would love to be electronically portable!

  4. I would love to win because my laptop has a broken key and the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore.

  5. I’d love to win to have a second computer in the house. One computer just isn’t enough some times!

  6. Just getting into samsung and would love to try this so i can stop sharing!

  7. My laptop is over a decade old. It needs upgrading.

  8. My computer is a dinosaur. I’m overdue for an upgrade.

  9. I’d like to win because I can’t afford a laptop but there are sometimes days when I can’t sit at my desk for long due to my health. This way I could sit up in bed.

  10. I don’t have a computer so I do everything from my smartphone. It can be tough to do things I need to do.

  11. like the battery life and the dual band WiFi and all the other features
    so would love to win

  12. I would love to win a chromebook.

  13. I want to win because I don’t have a laptop, just a desktop and I hate having to go to one room to use it.

  14. I recently bought a laptop [2 years ago] and I can’t stay off of it and it is wearing out so fast. When we lost power for 5 days, I went crazy!

  15. I am saving up for a computer but i just got fired and the prospect of finding another job is not high. I want to go to college but i want to get a laptop first. My dream is to write a book and i want to major in English. A laptop would make writing a book a lot easier, and help school.; Ebooks are cheaper and easier to buy. . My home computer is 3 years old and is a desk top so it wont help me at school.

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