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Kinder Surprise Celebrates with Barbie and Hot Wheels


Looking at this sweet little face I remember back to when I was a young girl and how alike she is to that distant memory.  Much like I was as a small girl, Baby Girl has very specific personality traits, making me smile whenever the more obvious pop up.  To sum it up, Baby Girl is a Princess Tomboy; you will often catch her dressed in her tutu romping around the sheep barn helping Daddy.  When it comes to playtime, she cannot be categorized into one specific type of toy preference.  This year KINDER® SURPRISE® has released a new set of eggs with the well known Barbie and Hot Wheels toys inside, perfect for the little one who happens to have a favourite.


Girls will be girls…..Boys will be boys?


I’m sure there are a few parents out there celebrating the fact that pink isn’t just for girls, nor blue just for boys like in our household.  Knowing Baby Girls personality it didn’t surprise me when she chose the Hot Wheels™ egg over the Barbie™ egg at first choice.  She lined up her collection of Hot Wheels™ in all her Fashionista glam, ready for the race.  Barbie™ made her appearance at the imaginary Nascar event, even partaking in a few races of her own.  As I watched the creativity unfold, I was amazed at the depth of her imagination at only 2 years of age. It always amazes me how little ones create as it seems out of nowhere.



On January 10th, for four weeks, you can participate in the KINDER® Barbie™ Hot Wheels™ contest by heading over to the Kinder Canada Facebook page and following the instructions.


Tell me what your little ones personality is; does she/he have any quirks? I love being able to witness each individual personality develop; kids are all different and all have unique traits that should be nourished and allowed to flourish.




Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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